Many Options Available in the $3-5k range– Great Options!


When you break into the budget range over $3k and up to $5k you start opening up some really interesting options.

Resort choices become more luxurious

Cruise options become more abundant

Available destinations begin getting more remote (you can fly farther)

This is probably the average American vacation budget – or at least the most common

Some ideas for a couple with a Budget between $3000 – $5000 include-

  • 6-7 Nights at Adults-Only 5 Star All-Inclusive Resort in Mexico, Dominican Republic of Jamaica
  • 7-10 Night Caribbean Cruise in Balcony Stateroom
  • 7 Nights at Deluxe Disney Resort (including park passes)
  • 5-7 Nights at 3-4 Star Hawaiian Resort

Those ideas are based on a typical set of dates including airfare from Chicago. Pricing varies greatly depending on exact dates and point of departure, and obviously your choice of rooms will make a big difference – the small room a long walk from the beach will cost much less than the suite right on the water!