Service That Is Complimentary For You


Most people think that using a travel agency will cost them a premium. They think they can save money by doing things themselves. Sometimes that is true – some travel agencies do charge extra fees, and there is nothing wrong with that.


EZTravelPad has made a decision to NOT charge fees. We are compensated only by the commission that it built into the prices that you are paying whether you use a travel agency or do things yourself.

How can we do this? Low overhead.

Many people think that the internet killed the travel agent – not true.

What the internet did was free the travel agent to work from anywhere. The internet allowed thousands and thousands of travel agents to drastically lower their overhead by closing the store on Main St and move to the office downstairs – and pass those savings on to their clients, as EZTravelPad does.

At EZTravelPad our services are free and our advise is priceless – see for yourself by contacting us right now and getting your adventure started.


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