Worldwide Cruise and Cruise/Tour Vacations

Why Choose an Cruise or Cruise/Tour?

Cruises Continue to Grow in Popularity and Offer Many Advantages

Whether it’s on a BIG ship in the Caribbean or a small ship in Galapagos, a Luxury River Cruise in Europe or a Working Freighter in Norway (yes, you can do that too) cruise vacations offer a diverse array of experiences

Cruises and Cruise/Tours are probably most popular in the Caribbean, Alaska, Mediterranean and Northern Europe but there is a tremendous variety and these days you can literally cruise almost anywhere the waterways will take you! (think Antarctica, Amazon, Dubai, Mississippi River, Egypt, Australia, Panama Canal – you name it!

There is a brand for everyone (did you realize that there are literally dozens and dozens of different brands each specializing in a different experience?) How many can you name? Hundreds of ships sailing hundreds of itineraries – some specializing in cuisine, some in family fun, some in luxury and some are experiential, but all have 1 thing in common – they each want to make your vacation extraordinary!

Cruises and Cruise/Tours Quick Look

Best for Budgets of: $1,500 – $15,000+
Location: Worldwide
Style: Casual / Upscale / Premium / Luxury
Modes of transportation: Ocean or River-going Ships

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Popular Mass Market Cruiseline Options

Mass-market cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Carnival, MSC & Costa (plus many other brands worldwide) are very popular as “fun in the sun” vacations with terrific entertainment options and a diverse array of options that suite many varying budgets.

You can go “bare-bones” and be well under $1000 per person on a 7 night itinerary – or opt for the premium section in a suite with elevated level of service for well over $5000 per person depending on the itinerary

Mass market cruise ships are often a great solution for multi-generation family & friends trips where budgets vary but everyone can agree on an itinerary and a date

The Hottest Cruising Trend is River Cruising –

So many advantages exist when cruising through the heart of the destination on a small ship

River Cruises put you in the heart of the destination in the most convenient manner possible. It’s like staying in a 5 star luxury boutique hotel in the center of everything, but the center keeps changing on a daily basis visiting multiple destinations in a particular region or on a particular river.

European River cruises have been popular for over a decade, but more and more destinations including Africa & SE Asia have become quite popular as well.

Recently US based river cruises have become more popular and numerous – down the Mississippi, through the Southeast, in the Pacific Northwest or the Inland waterways of the East Coast.

No matter your taste or preferred destination, we are here to help advise and curate the entire experience.

Adult Oriented Cruises & Smaller Ships

What is YOUR Style - Mediterranean? South Pacific? Caribbean? Northern Europe?

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Royal Caribbean

Great for Family-oriented cruises of

  • Caribbean
  • Europe
  • Australia
  • Asia
  • South America



Great for Adult-oriented Cruises of

  • Mediterranean
  • Caribbean
  • Bermuda
  • Alaska
  • Northern Europe

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Great for Premium Cruises of

  • Caribbean
  • Mediterranean
  • Northern Europe
  • Asia
  • Australia & NZ

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Great for Luxury River Cruise Tours of

  • Europe
  • SE Asia
  • China
  • India
  • Amazon

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  • Experiences Galore
  • Diverse itineraries
  • Safety and Security
  • Something for Everyone
  • Great Value


  • Less Space on Cruise Ships
  • Dates are Rigidly Fixed
  • Occasional Issues with weather
  • Rigid Timelines

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