Luxury Options Become Possible as Budgets Exceed $5k



They say that you tend to get what you pay for, and that is true when EZtravelPad helps with your vacation planning. In fact, you can count on us to help you get what you pay for plus a little bit more!

When budgets begin to increase to the point you start moving out of premium and into luxury then your options start getting very interesting and you really begin to need the help of an expert to make sure you select the best fit – something you simply cannot do on your own by reading “online reviews”

Sure, you can do things yourself, but why risk it? Call an expert that will not only make sure you receive the most value, but also make the best choice possible – possibly even a choice that you didn’t even know existed!

Some ideas for a couple with a Budget between $5000 – $7500 include-

  • 7 Nights+ in Premium Suite at Luxury Resorts throughout the Caribbean and Latin America
  • 7 Nights+ Mediterranean Cruise in Balcony Stateroom
  • 7 Nights+ at 5 Star Hawaiian Resort

When you are considering your options it is great to get some input from a travel pro –

  • Should I choose the swim-out suite or the suite with the killer view?
  • Is butler service worth the extra cost?
  • Is this the best fit for our particular tastes?

Those are just some of the many questions that arise when planning a vacation, and the types of questions that a travel agency like EZtravelPad can help you with from start to finish.

Sure, your hard earned money is at risk, but more important than that – so is you precious time!

The ideas presented above are based on a typical set of dates including airfare from Chicago. Pricing varies greatly depending on exact dates and point of departure