Can Doing Things Yourself Save Money? – Perhaps Not, Read On….

If you have the time to take care of your own yard – do your own oil changes – clean your own house – then yes, you will save money vs hiring those things done, but not so in the travel business.

The answer is simple – the resorts, cruise lines, hotel chains & tour operators across the planet have a system – they pay travel agencies to help. THEY pay the travel agent – not YOU.


That answer is simple too – it is less expensive for them to pay an independent contractor than to hire & train their own employees – that’s why when you see an ad for a large resort or cruise operator you will almost always see “Call your Travel Agent or our 800 number” – they want you to use travel agents!

It makes their lives easier, they have happier guests and a better repeat guest rate – in short, it’s good for business.

At EZTravelPad we charge no fees and search out the best total value for you. We are like your personal shopping concierge – we do the legwork, we leverage the relationships, we make sure you are getting the most for your money!


The answer to that is equally simple- we want you to be a repeat client and we want you to tell your friends and family that there is a better way – using a travel agency like EZTravelPad

Even IF you have the time and inclination to spend the effort necessary to find the best pricing by calling around or searching the internet, you are not necessarily going to find the best pricing available because sometimes the best price is available only to those that have the strongest relationship. That’s what we do – leverage relationships to make sure you get the best price possible.


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