There are many reasons to use a travel agency such as EZTravelPad


Reason #1        Service!!!

Don’t you deserve great service?    Don’t you deserve to feel special?

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60+ Reasons to Use EZTravelPad as Your Travel Agency

  1. Expert Guidance – You can do your own research and take on all the responsibility yourself, or you can bring in help – an expert – with a wide range of contacts. EZTravelPad simply makes the experience better
  2. Possibilities you didn’t know about- EZTravelPad excels in helping travelers not only get where they need to go, but also in helping to create experiences they never would have known about otherwise.
  3. Save Time- Obviously, working with an expert in vacation planning saves you the most important thing in life – TIME. Avoid the headaches and let EZTravelPad do all the time consuming work of planning a complex itinerary – and staying on hold – and searching a variety of suppliers for best value.
  4. Choice- EZTravelPad can offer you an array of options and price quotes from a variety of travel suppliers, giving you the upper hand when making your final travel decisions.
  5. You Don’t Need To Pay Up-Front! People have gotten accustomed to paying for non-refundable vacations up-front in full – Things should not be that way – often you can pay a small or moderate deposit toward the trip with balance due months from now
  6. Less Stress- Planning a trip can be stressful. There are so many options and details to worry about. Let EZTravelPad do the work, and save stress on you.
  7. Convenient 1-Stop Shopping – EZTravelPad can help you with every aspect of your trip from beginning to end – airline tickets to lodging, ground transportation, activities, tours and more.
  8. Acting as YOUR Advocate – Sometimes problems arise during your trip, EZTravelPad can help make sure that your issues are resolved as quickly as possible
  9. Customer Service- EZTravelPad offers a “personal touch” to your travel planning experience- Offering help and advice that a website or call center cannot provide.
  10. Best Value for Your Money Spent- EZTravelPad can help you to make your dollars go further while you are away. What to experience – what to avoid – hidden gems of restaurants and more
  11. Location, Location, Location!!!!- EZTravelPad is the best choice for selecting the particular destination that is YOUR best fit and we can provide complimentary unbiased reviews and destination guides.
  12. Travel Documentation- EZTravelPad helps prepare and organize your documents in order to travel. We call your attention to things you might not think about packing, and give you strategies for best practices
  13. Travel Expertise- EZTravelPad is an expert in Honeymoon and Destination Wedding planning, and we network with other experts outside of our particular niche so whatever your desired destination or travel style we can offer expert guidance.
  14. Knowledge of all the Ins and Outs- EZTravelPad can help bring you up to speed on the local laws and regulations of wherever your travels take you.
  15. Saves You Precious Time on Your Trip- Avoid 36 hours in the airport, make smart airline connections! EZTravelPad can help plan your trip so your time spent getting to where you want to go is the shortest it can be.
  16. Anticipating Trouble- EZTravelPad will bring to your attention things that you should know before you go, so that you can make the best decision possible – avoid trouble and enjoy!
  17. Credentials- EZTravelPad is constantly engaging in all sorts of seminars and classes to learn the most up to date info available.
  18. Changes- Emergency arises or something else necessitates a change of plans? EZTravelPad is a phone call or email away from helping make the process easy
  19. Travel Insurance- There are SO many options for trip insurance – don’t waste your money on coverage you don’t need – or go uncovered… EZTravelPad will help sort it all out
  20. Customized Trips- EZTravelPad can quickly prepare a fully customized itinerary based on where you want to go and what you want to do- wherever you want to do it.
  21. Where to Go to Avoid Kids- Want to vacation without children running all over the place? EZTravelPad can guide you to the best resorts that are open to adults only.
  22. Where to Go With Kids- Will you be traveling with children? Is the resort or destination you are considering really family friendly? It is important to know for sure!
  23. Military Discounts- Want to search far and wide for the resort or cruise line or wholesaler that appreciates the contributions of our military and other civil servants such as firefighters? EZTravelPad can quickly help you find the right discount to honor your service.
  24. Updated Information- EZTravelPad is constantly communicating with the travel community, through email, social networking, webinars, conferences, resort & ship inspections, direct contact and more – an individual simply can’t keep up.
  25. Avoid Unexpected Expenses- EZTravelPad will be able to inform you about expenses you will incur on your trip, even ones you might never expect, and how to minimize them.
  26. What to Wear- What should you be packing? You don’t want to be surprised to learn that you need long pants to eat at the restaurant! Find out what the dress codes are in advance – feel comfortable and look fabulous!
  27. What to Eat- Partof the experience of traveling abroad is experiencing the different foods and culture – Know before you go what to experience
  28. What to Pack- Some activities might require different layers of clothing throughout the day. EZTravelPad can advise you on what to bring. Be prepared!
  29. Let Us Wait on Hold- After all, don’t you have better things to do than wait on hold for the call center rep? Or the hotel reservations agent (with an accent that might be hard for you to understand)?
  30. Perks You Won’t Find Elsewhere – EZTravelPad works through a wide range of wholesale suppliers that offer many perks you won’t find elsewhere – too many to list
  31. Shopping Concierge – Most often the best value is found with wholesalers you would not otherwise know about, but when online travel agencies such as Expedia or Orbitz offer the best value then EZTravelPad can place reservations through them also at no extra charge
  32. Avoid Scams – Scams are widespread so know who you are doing business with and know that they are reliable. EZTravelPad is here to help. Don’t be a victim, do business with someone you can trust to guide you past the scam for the best value available
  33. Avoid the Time Share Presentation- Do you really want to spend 4-6 hours of your vacation getting a high pressured sales pitch? EZTravelPad will help you avoid the time-share salespeople
  34. Busiest Travel Times to Avoid- The travel business is seasonal – want to save a few dollars by traveling at the smartest time? Want to experience a destination at its peak time? EZTravelPad has the suggestions for getting the most of your time and money
  35. Exchange Rate Knowledge- Need to know about changing money abroad? Get the answers from the expert – not the book. EZTravelPad will help you with the most up to date advice
  36. Crime Rates- Is it safe to go there? Really? Where is safe? Where isn’t? EZTravelPad can help you avoid problems
  37. Someone to Call if Having a Problem During Your Trip- An online travel agency is not going to answer the phone quickly when you call with any complications during your trip. A travel agent continues to give you that personal support even while you are away.
  38. Complicated Itineraries Made Simple- EZTravelPad can help take care of all the details for those complicated around the world itineraries and all the extra headaches that go with them, such as hotel and transportation along the way.
  39. Just Ask – You may have questions after booking your trip, you know how to reach EZTravelPad and can avoid the confusing FAQ section on a website or the call center.
  40. You Know How to Reach Us When You Need Us – Problems at the airport? Reservation issues at the hotel? Your travel agent is a phone call away from getting your problem solved.
  41. Is An Upgrade Worth It? – EZTravelPad can help you save money by helping you decide if certain upgrades at hotels are really worth the extra money.
  42. Tourist Attractions- EZTravelPad can bring your attention to the must-see spots: Natural Wonders, Historic Spots, Amusements Parks and more
  43. Good Senior Trips- Want to engage with other seniors? EZTravelPad can guide you toward trips that are truly senior-friendly.
  44. Exotic Adventures- EZTravelPad can recommend some great once in a lifetime experiences. Safari? Swim with Sharks? Hike the volcano? We can help…
  45. Great Singles Trips – Want to go somewhere but don’t have a traveling companion? EZTravelPad has great resources for singles trips, tours and cruises for singles of all ages.
  46. Special Needs Travelers- Travel specialists can prearrange any wheelchair or special need that someone in your travel party may have. They can also take the time to make sure your reserved accommodations are safe and easily accessible for the special needs traveler.
  47. Up To The Minute Info On Daily Promotions – EZTravelPad receives dozens of emails daily regarding money saving promotions. Want to sort through hundreds of emails every week? Let EZTravelPad do it for you!
  48. Celebrate With Extra Amenities – EZTravelPad may be able to arrange for complimentary extras- like a bottle of champagne, resort credits, free activities and more
  49. Don’t Set Yourself Up To Get “Walked” – Here’s a little known secret – hotels and resorts overbook. They sell more rooms than they have and sometimes you just can’t get in the place you booked – even if you paid for it in advance! Dealing with an organization with clout like EZTravelPad can prevent this very uncomfortable situation.
  50. Detailed Itineraries – EZTravelPad can help you plan out your trip day- by -day to give you a good mix of fun and relaxation.
  51. Advice on Activities to Book Beforehand – EZTravelPad can forewarn you of any activities that tend to sell out early so there are no unexpected disappointments when you are there. For example, the best spa times go first and character dining in Disney sells out months in advance.
  52. General Ideas on Where to Go – EZTravelPad works with you up front to help figure out the best destination for you given your particular wants, needs and desires
  53. Bring the Kids & Still Get Some Alone Time – Many cruises and resorts now offer activities throughout the day for young children that make the day fun for them and give you some time to yourself. EZTravelPad knows where you can find great family destination options such as these.
  54. You Get to be the Boss – You get to tell someone what to do for a change – nicely
  55. Group Trips and Incentive Trips – Trying to organize a trip for a group of people? EZTravelPad can help get all the details finalized and update everyone in the group.
  56. Someone to Complain to – In the unlikely event something  were to occur preventing you from getting what you were promised, you have a real person to go back and complain to. EZTravelPad will work hard to insure your satisfaction. It’s good to have someone in your corner!
  57. Do Business With Experts and Specialists – Wouldn’t you rather have a travel expert plan your trip rather than a preprogrammed website or call center rep
  58. Help, I’m Lost!!!!!! – If you should get lost somewhere along the way, EZTravelPad could be a good outlet for help.
  59. We’re here For YOU… Use EZTravelPad – Why do your own work if EZTravelPad can?
  60. Value Added – Gifts & More – EZTravelPad works directly with the resorts and cruise lines to make sure you receive everything you are entitled to – and sometimes even a bit more – Who doesn’t like the possibility of free presents?
  61. Back-up Distributor of Documents – EZTravelPad will have a copy of all your travel documents so if anything were to get lost you have someone to call that can send copies.
  62. Travel Agents Must Be Doing Something Right. We Sure Have a lot of Business – Agencies like EZTravelPad are currently selling 87 percent of all cruises, 81 percent of all tours and resort packages, 45 percent of all car rentals and about 47 percent of all hotels – think about it – why swim upstream by yourself when you have a no-cost alternative?
  63. EZTravelPad Makes Traveling Easier – Experience the EZTravelPad difference, your dream vacation is just a phone call away.


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