As the owner and founder of EZTravelPad I found myself drawn to the travel business in early 2008, at a time when most people thought travel agencies no longer existed. Having come from a completely different industry but always valuing customer service above all else, I saw a need for people to be able to receive expert help when planning vacations and jumped at the chance to do my part to help – there’s no reason that everyone needs to do everything themselves!

Having no previous experience in the travel industry, but having a love for and a wealth of experience traveling throughout the US as well as in the Caribbean, Costa Rica & Europe, I understand the destinations but more importantly I relish helping people every day to more fully enjoy their vacation experiences – helping relieve stress and also adding real value along the way

Since then EZTravelPad has become one of the most respected agencies in the Midwest, frequently awarded, especially when it comes to Romance Travel. Trust a pro!

At EZTravelPad we pride ourselves on the fact that we do not charge extra fees or service charges – yet we deliver the best value every day and that is how we compete against the large online travel agencies that have become so popular.

Also – EZTravelPad has never, and will never, ever ever sell any of your personal data to anyone for any reason – can your preferred “online discount vacations source” assure you of that? Think about it…

There is no need to do things yourself online and take you chances (or spend hours and hours researching and becoming frustrated) – we are here to help!

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