Experience is one of those things that is tough to hit “The Sweet Spot”


When is someone experienced enough to know what they are doing, yet not so experienced as to have become bored or jaded or tired?

That question is probably impossible to answer so consider this-

  1. Does your travel consultant sound like they know what they are talking about?
  2. Does your travel consultant sound like they are excited to be doing what they are doing?

If the answer to both of those questions is yes then you may have found your “sweet spot”

  • As travel consultants most of us read constantly, receive hundreds of emails weekly regarding specials and more
  • We attend conferences to learn and connect
  • We attend webinars continuously
  • We talk with suppliers and attend presentations on new and interesting travel options
  • We all (well most anyway) have visited many places
  • We all think we are the best – I mean, who doesn’t think they’re great, right?

So here’s some advice – when you are considering which travel consultant to work with, go with the one that feels right to you – the one that you seem to get along well with – the one with a great personality maybe….because as Jules (the Samuel L Jackson character from Pulp Fiction) once famously said “Personality goes a long way”


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