Luxury Swim Up Suites Are Amazing!

Sandals Negril Swim Up Suite with Butler Service

When travel budgets exceed $7500 and approach $10,000 then much more of world starts opening up. More remote Caribbean destinations like Barbados, Grenada, Antigua, South Pacific, Europe & more or incredible luxury options closer to home.

  • Thinking of spending a week+ in a butler level suite with a Skypool at a Sandals Resort in the Caribbean?
  • Dreaming of a European River cruise on the Danube or Rhine or Seine?
  • Ready to discover Alaska on a cruise/tour for 10 days or more?

These are some of the possibilities. Of course there are many more that are opened up with a robust budget

Some ideas for a couple with a Budget over $7500

  • 7-10 Nights at Luxury Accommodations at Resort in Caribbean 
  • 10-14 Nights Touring Europe
  • 7-10 Night Luxury Cruise to Exotic Locations

Those ideas are based on a typical set of dates including airfare from Chicago. Pricing varies greatly depending on exact dates and point of departure


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