Hawaii – A Top Spot For Romance for Decades



Ask 100 people to name their top choice for a Honeymoon and at least 25 of them would name Hawaii

The most popular islands of Hawaii are-

  • Oahu
  • Maui
  • The Big Island
  • Kauai

There are other smaller and lesser visited islands, but these are the top spots because here is where the resorts are – these are the islands that specialize in tourism – these are the top Honeymoon spots

Hawaii is a long flight from many US airports, about a 5 hour flight from Los Angeles, and obviously quite a bit farther from the Midwest or the East Coast, yet Hawaii still evokes emotions is people both young and old – it remains one of the most popular Honeymoon spots because it is gorgeous, romantic, exotic, and yet truly American

Some of the top reasons Honeymoon couples select Hawaii are-

  • No Passport required
  • No language barriers
  • America’s own tropical paradise

The most popular way to visit Hawaii is to visit a couple different islands (island hop) since the flight is so long and for many it is a once in a lifetime trip.

Each island has a completely different personality-

Want to visit Pearl harbor and walk Waikiki Beach? – Oahu

Want to visit the most lushly tropical and scenic of the islands? – Kauai

Want to visit a very active volcano? The Big Island

Want to lay on the beach in a more laid back environment? – Maui

Each has something to offer, and we are here to help you figure out your best plan then make sure you get the most for your money!

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