Italy is one of, if not the most, desired countries to visit for most Americans. The romance, the beauty, the history and culture are truly unique and unforgettable – and for many there is a heritage that compels them to reconnect

Guided Tours are best for

  • Adding insight and context to your surroundings
  • Taking the risk and uncertainty out of your trip
  • Negotiating for the best value possible
  • Traveling with like-minded people and making new friends

Independent Tours are best for

  • Taking things at your own pace
  • Going to out of the way places
  • Staying to yourself
  • Maintaining the flexibility to change plans on the fly

Cruises & Cruise/Tours are best for

  • Hitting the highlights of several areas
  • Maximizing value and convenience

Popular Destinations

From the upscale stores of Milan to the romantic canals of Venice  to the art and museums of Florence, to the history Rome and the natural beauty of the Amalfi Coast  Italy offers an unmatched wealth of experiences

Here’s a look at a sample 7 night itinerary hitting 3 of the most popular cities – Rome, Florence and Venice

Complete with typical flights, transfers, hotels, trains, tours & more.

Of course the suggested pricing varies based on specific dates and other factors, but it can get the conversation started

See this link for details

Here are just a handful of the amazing experiences in Italy –