Arrive EARLY!!

The best advice we can give someone getting ready for a flight is to arrive at the airport as early as possible – preferably even earlier than that!

I don’t know how many vacations start off on the wrong foot because of late airport arrivals.

Airlines advise arriving 2 hours previous to a domestic departure and 3 hours prior to an international departure so heed those words – do it – get to the airport early then relax – you’ll be glad you got up a little early and you’ll be VERY unhappy if you are late and miss your flight

Airport screening processes are tough these days, any flyer knows that, but with proper planning the process can go more smoothly – plan ahead. Spend a little time with the TSA website searching for what you can bring, and what you cannot – what to expect at security and how to be best prepared

Another great tool is this one which allows you to view your itinerary online

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