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Why Choose Uniworld Cruise?

River Cruises Have Been The Hottest Trend In Travel For Last Few Years

There are good reasons why River Cruises have captured the imagination of so many for the past few years

Interesting itineraries put you in the heart of some of the most interesting destinations worldwide

  • Europe
  • Russia
  • Egypt
  • China
  • India
  • SE Asia
  • Amazon

But it’s not all about the destinations….it’s really more about the journey. River Cruises offer a level of service not possible on larger ocean going ships, and take you to the destinations that you want to experience in a manner not possible on land-based vacations

Of the several brands serving the River Cruise market Uniworld may offer the best overall value and experience

Uniworld’s growing collection of awards and accolades from guests, travel professionals, media, and industry experts make it abundantly clear—no one does luxury river cruising better.

EFFORTLESS TRAVEL—Uniworld’s ships are floating boutique hotels with professional staff on hand to attend to guests’ every need. It’s a virtually effortless way to travel—and guests only have to unpack once.

ULTRA-CONVENIENT—Unlike large ocean-going vessels, river cruise ships can often dock in the heart of great capitals and fairytale villages. There’s no waiting in long lines to get on or off the ship and no need to tender into ports.

SMOOTH SAILING—Sailing along Europe’s peaceful waterways is the journey of a lifetime. Calm waters mean guests never have to worry about motion sickness as they enjoy the world’s most scenic rivers.

EVER-CHANGING VIEWS—Guests can savor the unforgettable, ever-changing scenery from the privacy of their stateroom or suite, as well as from their ship’s luxurious lounges, restaurants, Sun Deck, and other public spaces.

INTIMATE AMBIANCE—The modest size of river cruise ships make it easy to move around, unencumbered by crowds. Each vessel was designed with public areas ideal for socializing, and quiet nooks to read, daydream, or gaze out at the view.

Oceania Quick Look

Best for Budgets of: $6,500 – $15,000+
Location: Europe, Asia, Egypt
Style: Sophisticated Comfort | Unpretentious Luxury |
Ships: 19 ships to date

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Comfort and Styling of Guest Cabins


Quality and diversity of itineraries


Quality and diversity of cuisine


Friendliness and professionalism of service and staff


Comfort and function of common areas and public space


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Cruise Line Specifics


  • Excellent Staff to Guest Ratio
  • Excellent commitment to cuisine
  • Unparalleled convenience to visit the heart of the destination
  • Virtually Everything is Included


  • Ships are small and offer limited entertainment
  • Limited primarily to adults or very mature children
  • Schedules can change due to river conditions during rainy periods

Uniworld Ships

Here are some facts on some of the ships sailing popular itineraries

What will you experience first?

Century Legend

Year Built: 2013

Passengers: 398
Decks: 7
Length: 456 Ft

Width: 65 Ft

River Victoria

Remodeled: 2011

Passengers: 202
Decks: 4
Length: 423 Ft

Width: 55 Ft

River Baroness

Remodeled: 2011

Passengers: 118
Decks: 2
Length: 361 Ft

Width: 37 Ft

River Queen

Remodeled: 2010

Passengers: 130
Decks: 3
Length: 375 Ft

Width: 37 Ft

River Princess

Remodeled: 2011

Passengers: 132
Decks: 3
Length: 361 Ft

Width: 37 Ft

Best For

  • Sophisticated Getaways
  • Upscale Couples
  • Empty Nesters
  • Well Traveled Couples and Singles
  • Discriminating Couples

Ships Feature

  • Finely appointed cabins
  • Culturally Enriching Onboard Activities
  • Fitness Center and Spa
  • Limited number of guests (about 150+or-)

Primary Destinations

  • Danube
  • Rhine
  • Yangtze
  • Mekong
  • Volga

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