Cancun, Mexico, is wrapped in white sand beaches, clear blue waters and brilliant sunshine, so it’s no wonder its shoreline gets top billing. Government developers, looking for a way to eradicate the poverty of the region, created this comfortable resort area on the Mexican Caribbean from the sand up to take advantage of the gorgeous aquamarine water and tropical temperate climate. Cancun is the top resort area in Mexico.

The entire Hotel Zone is shaped very similar to the number “7″ with the most action up near the northern end (top right on the map)

Cancun either reassures visitors or annoys them. Travelers who enjoy the feel of Old Mexico will never find Cancun to be as traditional, colorful or as spontaneous. With more than 32,000 hotel rooms, it’s not the place for isolated sun worship, either. The resort facilities have overgrown the original plans for the town, making the layout of hotels and shops somewhat cramped as newer, more sprawling properties have been constructed on the edge of town in recent years.

Some of the Top Adventures in the Cancun Area Include

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