Ready for an Adventure? How about Iceland with EZTravelPad in March 2025 – Space is limited so don’t delay!

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The Adventure of a Lifetime Awaits in March 2025 – Space is limited so don’t delay!

1. Experiencing Iceland’s Enigmatic Aura Together
As the chill of winter thaws and gives way to the budding stir of spring, what better time to embark on an adventure that promises not just scenic views but an emotional uplift?

Join EZTravelPad and Collette Tours for an unforgettable journey to Iceland, set for March 14-21, 2025. This unique tour, titled “Iceland’s Magical Northern Lights,” isn’t just a trip; it’s an experience crafted to leave you in awe and bring together like-minded adventurers. With a harmonious group dynamic, limited to 44 travelers to keep the experience intimate and immersive, you’re not just a tourist but an active participant in a wandering tribe of explorers.

2. Iceland’s Northern Lights: A Spectacle of Nature’s Beauty
The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, is one of nature’s most breathtaking phenomena—and seeing it is nothing short of spellbinding. Scheduled understanding the peak season for auroral activity, our “Iceland’s Magical Northern Lights” tour is timed perfectly for you to witness this celestial ballet. With Collette’s expert guides and EZTravelPad’s personalized touch, you’re virtually assured of a front-row seat to the skies’ own dramatic show. Imagine the vivid colors dancing across the night sky as you stand in the icy air, surrounded by new friends equally mesmerized by the spectacle.

3. More Than Just Lights: Iceland’s Top Experiences
While the Northern Lights are the centerpiece, the tour is robust with a spectrum of Icelandic wonders. From the steaming geysers erupting into the cold air at the Geothermal Fields to the majestic waterfalls of Gullfoss, each site offers a new element of the raw, compelling beauty that defines Iceland. Explore the stark beauty of Thingvellir National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and soak in the warm, mineral-rich waters of the Blue Lagoon. Each location has been carefully selected to enhance your understanding and appreciation of this incredible country.

4. The Value of Group Travel: Learning and Sharing Together
Traveling with a group of like-minded individuals not only eases logistics—it enriches your journey. Each member brings a unique perspective, allowing for shared experiences that become collectively richer. Group travel with EZTravelPad means benefits like enhanced safety, shared cost, and a ready-made community. With the support of Collette’s knowledgeable guides and the thoughtful curation of EZTravelPad, you’ll discover stories and form bonds that resonate well beyond the return flight home.

5. Why Choose EZTravelPad and Collette for Your Iceland Adventure?
Choosing EZTravelPad, along with our trusted partner Collette Tours, means opting for an experience that’s both magical and meticulously planned. Recognized for excellence and a deep commitment to customer satisfaction, we take pride in offering journeys that are thoughtful, well-organized, and truly transformational. Iceland’s Magical Northern Lights tour is more than just travel; it’s an exploration of the outer world and an introspective journey into the heart.

See a brief video link below featuring just a little bit of what’s in store during this Epic adventure

Join us as we explore the ethereal beauty of Iceland under the shimmering veil of the aurora borealis. Spaces are limited, so reach out today, and let’s plan your spot in this extraordinary adventure!

Email today

Essence of Burgundy & Provence – a River Cruise with AmaWaterways – Join us!

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Join us on 7 Nights through France THIS September 30 – Oct 7, 2021

EZTravelPad is delighted to announce that we are headed back to Europe this September and would love for you to join us.

We will be embarking the AmaWaterways ship AmaCello at Chalon-Sur-Saone on Sep 30 to cruise the Rhone and the Saone rivers in route to Arles, France. Additionally, there are options to extend pre-cruise for 3 nights in Geneva, Switzerland and/or 3 nights in Barcelona, Spain post-cruise.

With a maximum of just 130 guests, the AmaCello is a perfect size to relax, enjoy, and meet new friends along the way.

Indulge in French flavors on a palate-pleasing itinerary that highlights the essence of France’s Burgundy and Provence. Uncover the Roman history of Chalon-sur Saône and delight in charming Tournus with its towering Romanesque abbey and historic apothecary shop. Visit French châteaux from Burgundy to Provence, taste your way through the French culinary capital of Lyon and visit the Papal Palace in Avignon. While you’ll get more than a taste of Burgundy and Provence during this itinerary, the essence of these destinations will linger on your palate – and in your heart – for a lifetime!

Along the way we will experience cities and towns including Tournus, Macon, Lyon, Vienne, Avignon, Arles & more


Celebrating a birthday in style

On day 5 (October 4) we will celebrate Scott’s 60th birthday with a Tasting Tour in Lyon – “France’s Culinary Capital” followed by a bike tour along the ViaRhona Bike Route. These are just 2 of the daily tour options which include many hiking, biking or tasting options multiple times per day (over 30 options throughout the week).


Every day you can choose to relax, or you can choose to explore, and every day your tours and your meals are included in the fare along with champagne for breakfast plus local beers & wines for lunch & dinner.

If you have always wanted to experience a river cruise

– or you have always wanted to explore more of France outside of Paris

– or you are just itching to get back to traveling and want to be included in a terrific experience that you will never forget, then this may be for you.

Pricing starts from only $3395 per person based on double occupancy (just $4814 for single occupancy)

Learn much more about AmaWaterways in this eBrochure or this video

We hope that you can join us, but if not then do consider this type of experience in the future – it is a wonderful way to experience Europe and beyond.

For more info contact us today!


A Trip to Thailand – the Good, the Bad, and the Crazy

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A Look Around Phuket

Earlier this spring, just as the Covid-19 pandemic was ramping up into full swing, my wife and I were rolling through week #3 of what was scheduled to be a 5 week trip through the South Pacific, Thailand & Hawaii (had to cut the Hawaii leg short due to closures in mid-March)

It was another “trip of a lifetime”, and just about everything went according to plan (of course there are always small surprises). But, so much about Covid – how was Thailand?


Well, you hear lots of things, many of which are true.

  • Would I recommend Phuket for a fun-loving group of party animals who feel right at home at 3am on Bourbon Street in New Orleans? Yes!
  • Would I recommend Phuket for an older couple who wants to relax, experience an affordable tropical paradise, a completely different culture, do some serious shopping and come home with a couple new Hand-tailored suites? Yes!
  • Would I recommend Phuket for a Honeymoon couple who wants something amazing and unforgettable on a secluded pristine beach? Yes!
  • Would I recommend Phuket for a wellness retreat, or just a traveler who appreciates a terrific 90 minute massage from a trained professional – and costs a fraction of what it does in the states? Yes!

But I would recommend different areas for the varying styles because there are completely different vibes from one neighborhood to the next.

Bangla Road

For the party crowd there is nothing quite like Bangla Road at Patong Beach – words cannot describe it fully, but it is party-on!

The street is lined with bars, clubs, restaurants shops & vibrant video displays. There are dozens and dozens of vendors selling tickets to the “ping pong show” (you’ll have to google that) as well as plenty of clubs with bands playing covers of Heart, Bon Jovi and Journey. The streets are packed with tourists from everywhere. It’s easy to wander down a back alley to find a toilet and thus see the real sights and smells of what’s cooking with the locals but you may just want to forgo that if you have a weak stomach. It is clearly a sight to see.


James Bond Island

A complete departure from the party and nightlife of Bangla Road is a day-long excursion to James Bond Island – an unforgettable little corner of this amazing world of ours…

Famous for a scene in the classic Bond film “Man with the Golden Gun”, this is but one of many such geological formations in  Phang Nga Bay. Is it  a bit of a tourist trap? Sure – you can buy some souvenirs, but it’s really more of a stop for a photo op, just one of several on the tour.

There are some caves to explore….


and a village to wander through at lunch…

Another of the coolest aspects of the day is sea cave canoeing around the bay – then later on there is a chance to chill at the beach for a swim. All in all it’s a terrific and unforgettable day.

Another terrific experience while visiting Phuket is the trip to Phi Phi Island – similarly epic scenery and fun in the sun!


Buddhas and Temples

A trip to Thailand would certainly not be complete without touring some of the country’s rich history and culture – and of course that means visiting temples and shrines to Buddha.

This “Big Buddha” smiles down on Phuket from high up on a hill overlooking much of the southern end of the island.


Several other temples and shrines exist in the area…all beautiful and lovingly cared for.


As with any similar church or temple, proper attire is required to enter and pay your respects. Both men and women should take a wrap to cover their knees and shoulders.


The Good-

The natural beauty is at every turn – you must only open your eyes….



Terrific resort options exist in secluded areas – things you might not even imagine….for example imagine yourself in this room….


with your own private plunge pool


or as you relax at this pristine pool

in a “treehouse at this resort…..

Indeed, there are many good and great things about this destination

Wrapping it up-

For me, the Thai massage was something new and hopefully not the last time I will let a fully grown ninja turn me into pretzels in ways I thought I could no longer bend…..

Another cool experience was buying a custom tailored suit. It took a few days, and a few visits, but picking out the material, the style, being measured and fitted was a real treat that would be un-affordable to most in the US, but is possible for a small sum in Thailand!

But of course not everything is good….

A big disappointment was that there is a significant amount of trash that ends up in the ocean. Particularly disturbing when you take a boat to a nice reef that is polluted with human waste (plastics in particular).

Of course this is a foreign country and they have a different pace, a different style, and a bit less space per person than you may be accustomed to at home – and there are the smells in the cities…..but overall I look forward to returning again to visit some areas that we were not able to get to on this trip – areas such as the nearby Koh Samui (another popular beach area) and Chang Mai (a completely different area in the Northern Hills with jungles and elephants and a completely different feel.

When you are ready to kick off your own trip to Thailand, or other similar destination, then turn to “Your friends….in the travel business” at EZTravelPad for the best advice possible – because you deserve to make every moment..and every dollar count!

If you are going and planning excursions, or just want to check out some of the top options for Phuket see these top tours below-


EZTravelPad Could Use Your Help – Reviews!

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Please Take a Minute to Help us Help Others

You know how important reviews are these days, and we could really use your help with a review on one of the Wedding related websites (The Knot, WeddingWire, Perfect Wedding Guide) or others…read on.

If you had a great Honeymoon or Destination Wedding (or other terrific vacation experience) with EZTravelPad and had meant to leave a review but got busy – or if you tried to earlier this year but found the link not working please take a minute now to leave us that review you had meant to.

We recently discovered that we had some bad links in our follow-up email that we send when guests return from their Honeymoon or Destination Wedding. We’re not sure what happened there, or how long it went on, but we recently noticed that reviews were not coming in like they normally do so I did some digging and found there were bad links embedded in that email so here are the revised links that should now be working-

The Knot


Indy’s Perfect Wedding Guide




If you are registered on either The Knot or WeddingWire then those reviews are of most importance to keep our multi-year string of “Best of” and “Couples Choice” record going…..but if not then reviews on Indy’s Perfect Wedding Guide, Google, Yelp & Facebook are really helpful as well so please do take a minute to help

You know how much people rely on reviews!

Thanks in advance

Escape to Imperial Europe

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The more I experience Europe the more I want to go back…it gets under your skin…it lures you to return…it stays with you

A couple hours at Széchenyi Thermal Bath is the perfect way to unwind after a long flight

Imagine an 8 night itinerary beginning in Budapest for 2 nights, then 2 nights in Vienna, 2 nights in Prague, and finishing with 2 nights in Berlin

  • Transfers included
  • 8x Breakfast Included
  • 3x Dinner included
  • Guided Tours included
  • Good hotels (Hilton, Marriott, Mercure, Crown Plaza, etc) in the heart of the cities
  • Vacation Highlights

    Welcome dinner; guided sightseeing, panoramic view from Fishermen’s Bastion

    Guided sightseeing, visit St. Stephen’s Cathedral

    Guided sightseeing, Astronomical Clock, visit the Hradčany Castle grounds; [LF] farewell dinner at a local restaurant

    Guided sightseeing, take pictures of Brandenburg Gate and the Holocaust Memorial, visit Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church; farewell dinner

    Now imagine this

    …all of this

    Including International flights (from Chicago for example)

    All for under $1999 per person (based on double occupancy)

    Perhaps it’s time to get in touch with “Your friends….in the travel business” at EZTravelPad

    Wine themed River Cruise on Danube

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    Wine, wine and more wine!

    As I write this I am sailing down the Danube river through Austria on AmaWaterways gorgeous ship AmaCerto enjoying a 7 night wine themed river cruise.

    If you know anything about a river cruise with AmaWaterways you probably know that they include wine and beer for both lunch and dinner (and champagne for breakfast!) – but what you might not know is that on a wine themed cruise there are so many more opportunities to discover new favorites during several tastings that are included, such as the tour and tasting at Castle Gobelsburg pictured below.

    I can’t speak for every single wine themed cruise, but on this one there is a vineyard from California named Graveyard Vineyards that is hosting even MORE wine tastings.
    So what does that look like? Well here’s our experience during a week on AmaCerto

    • Monday – board ship – lunch (with wine)  – Dinner at Chef’s Table with several courses and wine pairings – late night City Illuminations tour (outstanding cruise along Budapest waterfront with buildings lighted)
    • Tuesday – Morning excursion consisting of Budapest city walk, city market then back to the ship for lunch and an afternoon wine tasting courtesy Graveyard Vineyards and a terrific dinner in the main dining room
    • Wednesday – Breakfast (with Champagne), Lunch (with wine), Dinner (with wine) then an evening of traditional Viennese fun with lots of wine, dancing & song at Winery & Heuriger Christ
    • Thursday – Breakfast (forgot the champagne) then excursion -Bike ride in Vienna then lunch (with wine). Mid-afternoon wine tasting and aroma sampling courtesy Graveyard Vineyards then an after dinner excursion to Castle Gobelsburg for wine tastings
    • Friday – Hike to Durnstein castle then wine and apricot tasting in Durnstein, Austria. Back to the ship for lunch with wine then late afternoon excursion to Castle Clam for a wine tasting before dinner (with wine)
    • Saturday – Most people with full day excursions so late breakfast (champagne if desired) then late dinner in private dining with plenty of wine!
    • Sunday – Breakfast (champagne again??) – lunch (wine again??) – pre-dinner champagne toast to the week that has been – pre-dinner Oktoberfest celebration in port of Passau (lots of beer) – dinner (with wine)
    • Monday – Time to leave, but friends made and experiences shared will last a lifetime….

    Oh – and it is TOTALLY not just about the wine…this was an outstanding cruise with terrific tours included – much more on the highlight destinations of Budapest, Vienna, Durnstein, Linz & more coming up on future blog posts

    Oh…and the cuisine!

    To learn more about AmaWaterways, River Cruising, or all sorts of other vacation planning just get in touch with “Your friends….in the travel business” at EZTravelPad

    US National Parks Like You Have Never Experienced Before!

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    You don’t have to Leave the US to Experience Volcanoes and Waterfalls

    Imagine cruising through some of the most pristine scenery that the American West has to offer, the US National Parks and Monuments, and doing so in a style you have never even before imagined – with a group of friends – or with your entire family – riding in style with a professional driver in a tricked out vehicle called a Limo Liner.

    It’s a very comfortable vehicle with leather sofas, large windows, comfort controls and also features

    • In transit WiFi
    • In transit Television

    It’s an all-inclusive ride for almost a week checking out the best of the west (that’s right – a hospitality chef will be serving guests throughout the day with included wine, beer, soft drinks, coffee, tea, seasonal fresh fruits, snacks & much more)

    Tour options include

    • Badlands and Wind Cave
    • Yellowstone and Grand Teton
    • Crater Lake and Redwoods
    • Salt Lake City, Moab, Bryce Canyon, Zion and Las Vegas

    and several other options as well…

    Of course you won’t spend the night on the Limo Liner – you will be sleeping in comfortable hotels, lodges & resorts along the way

    Why in the world would you drive yourself when you can enjoy the luxury and safety of such a journey?

    For much more info and to get your adventure started reach out to “Your friends….in the travel business” contact EZTravelPad today!

    Terre Haute South Vigo Multi-Year Class Reunion Organized by Class of ’81

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    This page is dedicated to the 2018  Terre Haute South  Class of ’81 Reunion trip to Majestic Elegance Resort & Spa in Punta Cana

    That’s right, the Terre Haute South Class of ’81 is having a reunion in paradise and it is scheduled for June 15-20 2018 at the Majestic Elegance Resort and Spa in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

    Majestic Elegance is a fantastic All-Inclusive resort on a gorgeous beach in one of the most popular locations in the Caribbean

    Here are a few photos of the area down near the beach

    All-Inclusive Luxury at your Fingertips

    If you have never been to an all-inclusive resort then you may not know that 1 price pays for the entire trip – food, beverages, entertainment, even gratuities are included (although some feel inclined to tip a little extra in an effort to elicit better service)

    Some have asked – is alcohol included also? – YES – and here is a photo of what is included in your room’s mini-fridge (restocked daily)

    Here is a photo of liquor in your room (this is not restocked daily) – but plenty more is available at the bar! –

    Great Value!

    Of course everything always revolves around price – right? So how much does this cost?

    The “official” reunion dates are June 15-20 but people are free to arrive a little early or stay a little longer. There are several different room categories from which to choose- See current per person rates based on double occupancy for some of the more popular options which include round trip transfers from airport in Punta Cana to resort & back. **Note – No rooms or prices and being held or guaranteed so making reservations early is to your advantage!

    • $795 –  Junior Suite with Jacuzzi  (this is the lowest priced option)
    • $880 – Elegance Club Junior Suite with Jacuzzi (in the adults-only section)
    • $961 – Elegance Club Majestic Junior Suite Swim Up  (in the adults-only section)
    • $970 – One Bedroom Suite with Jacuzzi

    Comfort Built Right in

    So what do the rooms look like? Here are a couple of photos of the entry level room (these photos are from the resort tour I took on Friday Oct 29)

    There is much more info regarding the Majestic Elegance Resort & Spa at this link

    Also note, this is not calculated into the pricing above but we have arranged a group discount per reservation over and above the group inclusions and that discount is as such (Reservation amount would include airfare if included in reservation package)-

    Discount Information – Applies based on the total reservation as a promo code
    Reservation Amount Promo Code Discount
    $500 – $999.99 $13 per reservation
    $1,000 – $2,500 $25 per reservation
    $2,501 – $5,000 $50 per reservation
    $5,001 – $6,000 $100 per reservation
    $6,001 or more $113 per reservation


    As for airfare, it varies based on point of departure, dates of departure & return, airline preference, etc but out of Indianapolis you could figure somewhere around $600 per person should put you in the ballpark and we can absolutely build a package including flights, resort & more

    Locking in Room & Rate

    Lastly, the deposit to lock things in can be quite small

    Deposit will vary based on certain factors but you can figure if holding only the room then $50 per person locks in the room and the rate. If packaging with flights then the deposit to lock in can be as low as $229.99 per person which also includes the cost of the optional travel protection which allows to you cancel for ANY reason and get a full refund!

    Full payment is not due until 45 days prior to travel and you can put yourself on a payment plan if you like – there is much flexibility

    We Hope to See You There!

    You’re NOT going to want to miss this – it’s gonna be unforgettable!

    I know this is quite a bit of information but that’s what I am here for. Let me know where you would like to fly from and I can get a specific complete quote to you. My contact info is at this link so pleae reach out anytime.

    Alternately you can do some shopping for this specific group pricing at this link


    Caribbean Update

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    Post-Hurricanes Irma and Maria Recap of the Caribbean Situation

    The past few weeks have been horrific in terms of hurricane related devastation. It truly is unparalleled.

    There are tons of photos and videos documenting the widespread destruction – here is just 1

    With that in mind I wanted to share a recent update from one of our preferred tour operators – Mark Travel brands

    This is a pretty good snapshot of where most of the primary vacations destinations are in terms of impact as of now.

    The Mark Travel Corporation

    To Our Valued Travel Partners:

    To those affected by either Hurricane Irma or Hurricane Maria, we want you to know that we are thinking of you and we are here to support you. As an organization that has been family owned and operated for over 43 years, we consider each of you to be a member of our extended family. And when tragedy strikes you, it strikes all of us as well. During these challenging times, we encourage you to keep the conversation going with your Business Development Manager or Specialist and rely on them for support with issues you and your clients may be facing.

    For all our valued travel agents, we want to give you a brief update on the status of several Caribbean islands that were affected by the hurricanes:

    Please note: Aruba, Bonaire, Bermuda, Barbados, Curacao, Grand Cayman, Grenada, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis were not impacted by either Hurricane. All hotels are open for business and all off-site venues are operating normally.


    • V.C. Bird International Airport (ANU) is open.
    • Hotels on Antigua are open for business.
    • All activities and off-site venues are operating normally.

    Turks & Caicos

    • Providenciales International Airport (PLS) is open.
    • All off-site activities have been suspended at this time.
    • Coral Gardens, Ocean Club, Ocean Club West and Seven Star Resort are open for business.
    • Alexandra Resort, Blue Haven, The Palms, The Sands at Grace Bay and Royal West Indies are currently closed. Exact opening dates are still to be determined, but they are expected to re-open by mid-October.
    • Beaches Turks & Caicos is closed through December 13th, 2017.
    • Additional updates on hotels and off-site activities will be provided in the days ahead.

    The Bahamas

    • Lynden Pindling International Airport (NAS) in Nassau is open.
    • Grand Bahama International Airport (FPO) is open.
    • Hotels in Exuma, Nassau, Paradise Island and Grand Bahama Island were not impacted and are open for business.

    The US Virgin Islands

    St. Thomas

    • Severe damage was sustained across the island.
    • Cyril E. King Airport (STT) remains closed.
    • All off-site activities have been suspended at this time.
    • All hotels are reporting some level of destruction; therefore, hotel inventory has been closed for 2017 and 2018 travel.

    St. John

    • All hotels are reporting some level of destruction; therefore, hotel inventory has been closed for 2017 and 2018 travel.

    St. Croix

    • Henry E. Rohlsen Airport (STX) is closed.
    • Reopening dates vary by hotel, starting in November 2017 and going into early 2018.

    St. Martin

    • Severe damage was sustained across the island.
    • Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) remains closed. Until further notice, the airport is serving as a dedicated hub for emergency and evacuation flights only.
    • All off-site activities have been suspended at this time.
    • All hotels are reporting some level of destruction; therefore, hotel inventory has been closed for 2017 and 2018 travel.

    Puerto Rico

    • Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport (SJU) is open, but operating on a limited schedule from 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM EDT.
    • The island is without power making communication with the island challenging.
    • Hotels in San Juan are reporting varying levels of damage; most hotels will reopen in November.
    • Hotels in Rio Mar and Farjado have extended closures through the end of 2017.


    • All Jamaica airports are open.
    • Hotels in Jamaica are open for business.
    • All activities and off-site venues are operating normally.

    Dominican Republic

    • All Dominican Republic airports are open.
    • After some minor issues, hotels in the Dominican Republic are now open for business.
    • All activities and off-site venues are operating normally.

    Warm regards,

    The Mark Travel Corporation

    Certainly this does not go into deep detail since some of these destinations (Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico & St Martin) are likely to be significantly disrupted for months and months.

    This info also did not touch on cruise ports- keeping in mind that the ports of San Juan, St Thomas and St Maarten are among the busiest and most popular in the Caribbean it will be a long time and a tough road back for these destinations.

    We encourage you to do what you are able to do for the people of the impacted areas, and in the Caribbean as a whole. One of the more respected charitable foundations serving the Caribbean has a familiar name – The Sandals Foundation does good work so consider it as a starting point.

    If you have specific questions please reach out to “Your friends….in the travel business” at EZTravelPad – and please don’t stop going to the Caribbean – it is a wonderful region with some amazing destinations, many of which were not impacted at all…

    Breeze through Immigrations next Vacation

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    Don’t Miss Your Place in Line – Get to Immigrations quickly on your next trip

    I see it just about every time I arrive in a foreign airport….people completing their immigrations forms that were incompletely filled out when they could have easily done so while on the plane – so to the back of the line they go!

    What did they do wrong? Most of the time they simply failed to complete the bottom portion of the form – the part that gets detached by the immigrations officer and given back to them to hold onto until they depart the country

    Here’s what the form looks like-



    Notice that there are 2 sections highlighted with the yellow border?

    Many people make the mistake of completing the top portion, but not the bottom portion and they have to stop to complete before moving on to the immigrations line – dang paperwork!

    So while you are on the flight, after the flight attendant has handed you the immigrations form to complete….read the instructions carefully and complete it entirely as instructed – each country’s is a little different, but this example from Mexico is pretty consistent – if you have questions ask your flight attendant or ask your seat neighbor and speed through the line quicker!

    Oh – and don’t forget your EZTravelPad pen – you’ll need it because loaners are scarce!!

    Just one more piece of advice from “Your friends….in the travel business” at EZTravelPad