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January 2019

Another Year, Another Great Opportunity and Recognition

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It is with great pride that I announce –


As a recognized leader in the romance vacation market, I’ve been asked to be a part of the exclusive 2019 Romance Travel Forum!

I was personally chosen out of hundreds of travel sellers from across the US and Canada to be among this select group of top professionals!

With my destination wedding and honeymoon clients in mind, I’ll be experiencing first-hand all that Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Nayarit has to offer, including attractions and visits to the most sought-after hotel properties!

Plus, I’ll have the chance to meet with top providers on a global level representing the most romantic destinations, hotels, packaged vacations and so much more! Just 1 more reason why EZTravelPad should be your pick to help make your romantic vacation dreams a reality!

Paris in the Spring – THIS Spring!

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That’s right – EZTravelPad is going to Paris in April 2019 – Care to join us?

Scott & Michelle are going to Paris, Amsterdam & even a day trip to the UNESCO World Heritage city of Bruges, Belgium

Highlights include-

  • Non-stop flights Round trip from Indy to Paris
  • Train (round trip) from Paris to Amsterdam
  • 3 Nights hotel in Amsterdam
  • 2 Guided tours while in Amsterdam
  • 5 more nights at city center hotel near Arc de Triumph & Eiffel Tower
  • 6 Tours (both guided and independent) in Paris
  • Day trip to Bruges with  Guided Culinary Tour

All this for just over $1850pp!!

Can’t get away for the whole 10 days but want to join us in Paris for a few days?

No problem, great rates are available!

Want to strip out the tours and just go shopping, or skip Amsterdam & just stay in Paris? – no problem, the itinerary is completely customizable!

See a complete suggested itinerary at this link

Contact us for more info and availability

Help Navigating TSA

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Recently I received an email from one of our travel partners (International Holidays) with some good travel tips that I wanted to share-

In today’s world of strict security mixed with the on the go traveler, navigating airport TSA checkpoints can be a bit cumbersome and test anyone’s patience.

We’ve outlined a few steps you and your clients can use on the go.

  • Make sure you have what you need before you go through any TSA line. You don’t want to find yourself having to circle back for a forgotten necessity. Transversely, don’t bring anything you shouldn’t. Having to forfeit your favorite pair of scissors isn’t a fun way to start a vacation. 
  • Be comfortable, we no longer live in the era of wearing a 3-piece-suit when we travel. Know that you may need to remove your shoes or belt.
  • Make sure those shoes don’t lace up to your knees or require a small fortress to pull them off. Wear comfortable shoes that are easily removed and put back on.
  • Leave the jewelry at home; avoid removing and misplacing your favorite accessories.
  • Pack a snack! Airport food prices can be exorbitant. While there are many liquid restrictions (3.4oz) on what you may bring through the TSA, solid foods are allowed. A long line can be a bit more digestible when accompanied by a delicious and affordable snack. Don’t wait until you’re stuck in line and hear your stomach growling.
  • Airport lines are about as predictable as the weather. You’ll want to arrive early. Check your airport’s website for any recommended arrival times. Any seasoned traveler will tell you, “The TSA does not care if you miss your flight”. Nor will they typically go out of their way to make sure you get to your flight on time. With that fact in mind, don’t take a gamble showing up at the last minute. You could easily find yourself stressed beyond belief.
  • Get a rejuvenated start by electing to kick off your vacation at a comfortable Airport Hotel that includes complimentary shuttle service & free parking (we can help with options)!
  • Be sure to fully charge your mobile devices. Leaving electronics off until necessary will help preserve the battery. Investing in a small battery bank can allow you to re-charge your own device if everyone seems to be hogging charging station ports. Battery banks can come in useful when traveling with children who could use some ever needed entertainment.
  • “Smart luggage” can sometimes be dumb luggage. Beware of battery banks that are built into luggage as these are often unacceptable as carry-ons or checked luggage. You don’t want to find yourself buying alternative luggage at those ever so pricey airport boutiques. 
  • While not currently available due to the government shutdown, Global Entry and TSA Pre-check are both pay for services that allow for expedited airport travel. TSA Pre-check provides expedited security screening benefits for flights departing from U.S. Airports. Global Entry provides the TSA Pre-check benefit plus expedited US customs screening for international air travelers when entering the United States. TSA Pre-check costs $85 and Global Entry costs $100 for a five year membership. Travelers interested in Global Entry must apply through the Trusted Traveler Program website.

These tips can help make airport travel more affordable and enjoyable.

Safe travels!

**Thank to International Holidays for sharing these tips!

FYI – International Holidays is a fantastic partner that we use regularly for pre-flight hotels which include parking your vehicle for up to 2 weeks & comp airport shuttles and they offer these at terrific prices so get with us for options on your next pre-flight hotel stay!