Sandals Resorts Zika Virus Update as of Feb 17, 2016

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Planning your Sandals Resort Trip?

Here’s an update on the status of the various islands that Sandals resorts operates on:

  • Jamaica

    • Has had only one confirmed case
    • There was one case that was recorded, but was not confirmed to be locally transmitted. The patient has been cured and there has been no known spread of the virus.
    • That same individual has already recovered and nothing since has been reported. As of February 3, CDC has added Jamaica to the list of Zika affected countries.
  • Saint Lucia

    • No Zika Virus Cases have been reported.
  • Bahamas

    • No Zika Virus Cases have been reported.
  • Barbados

    • As of February 3, there have only been 3 confirmed locally transmitted Zika Virus Cases.
  • Turks & Caicos

    • No Zika Virus Cases have been reported.
  • Antigua

    • No Zika Virus Cases have been reported.
  • Grenada

    • No Zika Virus Cases have been reported.


Of course things can change, but as of February 17, 2016 there does not appear to be a tremendous amount of concern for the islands where Sandals exists – but precautionary insect repellent is always advised.


  • Lindsey Hughes says:

    Do you have a more recent update on the status of the zika virus at Sandals resort islands?

    • Scott Jones says:

      That’s a good question Lindsey
      I am not a spokesperson for Sandals, just a simply travel agency owner trying to share info so people can make the most sensible decisions possible.
      I just looked and currently Sandals does not have an update posted on their website but I do think that I saw a story recently where Zika had recently been confirmed to have been transmitted in St Lucia so that would bring the total to 3 islands where Sandals resorts exist that have confirmed cases of Zika transmission. While I do not take that news lightly, and believe that people should take precautions, I have also read recently that the CDC is very concerned about Zika spread in the continental US as summer approaches since the variety of mosquito that carries Zika has a range of as far north as Michigan. I think that for many people this year is going to be a popular year for insect repellent.

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