Friends Party at Private Villa – Chic Mansion

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Seriously- how cool would it be to share this amazing mansion with 5 other couples?

This is an 11,500 square-foot luxury house with six stunning guestrooms each with dedicated en suites. As a part of one of the hippest adults-only all-inclusive resorts in the Dominican Republic.

The villa offers guests six suite-style bedrooms which mean that you and eleven friends can enjoy the house’s private amenities and the resort’s Diamond Club™ privileges together.

Your stay in the Mansion include luxurious round-trip airport transfers, butler service, private pool cabana with attendant and even a complimentary spa treatment for each guest. The villa has its own private pool, hot tub, patio, sound system and games room with a pool table.


It’s gorgeous, it’s spacious, and it’s perfect for a private party such as a couples retreat or even to celebrate a Bachelor/Bachelorette party

Check out the Private pool complete with hot tub!!






Game room is complete with bar, pool table and stripper pole (not pictured)



Amazing living space with huge screen and more…..



and when the smallest and least amazing bedroom looks like this….



oh wait….you also get a private dinner with private chef!



But remember – this is not just a stand-alone mansion, it’s also located on the same property as one of the coolest 5 Star Adults-Only All-Inclusive resorts in the Caribbean

Dine around outside the mansion at restaurants (included!) featuring cuisine such as

  • Italian
  • Ceviche
  • Steak House
  • Middle Eastern
  • International
  • Pub Grill

…and more

With nightly entertainment, a terrific beach, several bars and even a mermaid pool this is something to experience and share with your friends

All this and you can get in for under $1500 per person for 5 nights!!

So what are you waiting for…get your friends together for the ultimate couples retreat!

Contact “Your friends….in the travel business? at EZTravelPad for more info


Greg Norman on Sandals Emerald Bay Golf Course

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Golf Enthusiasts Wanted at Greg Norman Designed Sandals Emerald Bay Golf Course

Sick of the cold weather? Ready for a break – and a round of golf on the most gorgeous course in the Caribbean?

Maybe it’s time to hit the links at Sandals Emerald Bay Golf course on Great Exuma in the Bahamas. But don’t hear it from me, let Greg Norman tell you why….

By the way, if you saw The Golf Channel’s Big Break Bahamas series, you know how gorgeous this place is…

Sure, you can book it yourself, but why pay too much and worry about whether you are selecting the room category that best suites your needs? Get a little help from “Your friends….in the travel business” let EZTravelpad help with the little details, and even the tee times! You just pack your bags and get ready to relax in the sunshine!

Loews Don CeSar Resort in St Pete – Perfect for a Destination Wedding in the U.S.

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For a Destination Wedding at Florida’s Sunset Capital it’s Loews Don CeSar Beach Resort

Don CeSar Beach Resort – a Loews Hotel in St Pete Beach is a perfect spot for a U.S. based Destination Wedding. Stately, Classy, Gorgeous, and with a first class spa, this is a wonderful choice for discriminating couples interested in tying the knot beachside…

Don CeSar Exterior 1

If coming in with a low budget is something that you want to accomplish for your Destination Wedding then this might not be the first choice, but compared to other more modest resorts in the area Don CeSar is surprisingly affordable.

Your Destination Wedding is in Good Hands

When putting together a destination wedding there are a few things to think about- location & reputation, capabilities and quality. Don CeSar has you covered, with 3 wedding coordinators on staff preparing to host over 400 weddings this year, rest assured that you are in good hands. If the service and attention to detail is anything like I experienced there recently I couldn’t be anymore comfortable in suggesting this as a great spot to tie the knot.

Offering exemplary service at every turn, you will not be disappointed by the staff, by the facilities, or by the dining options….

don cesar 2
Flatbread topped with shredded island chicken, black bean spread & vegetables – Potato & plantain chips served with traditional guacamole and pineapple guacamole – Yum!

For some people a grilled chicken breast over a rice pilaf is just fine- others require something a bit more interesting. A more interesting menu is what you will find at Don CeSar, but is doesn’t stop there. The spa features 16 treatment rooms as well as a private deck overlooking the gulf – oh, and it smells like heaven when you walk through the door of the spa! Body toning water aerobics and beach yoga are complimentary for all guests.

Beach Resort = Beach + Pools

Beachside pools offer full service including complimentary refreshments (Italian ice, frozen grape kabobs, smoothies, chilled towels , etc) plus a full menu of activities include volleyball, beachball dodgeball, cannonball contest, and lots & lots of pool pampering are all in store for you if you stay for a few days.

Putting a Price on Service

How can you put a price on service? It’s the little things that mean so much – like the general manager stopping to have a chat – or walking into a restroom that smells of mint and eucalyptus – or being greeted by smiles from all the staff….lots and lots of staff can you put a price on that? Would you want your wedding celebration to be anywhere that offered less?

don cesar 3
view of Don Cesar from beachside – looking great from every angle

My reason for stopping into Don CeSar was to find a Destination Wedding and Honeymoon resort located in Florida that I could feel good about recommending. I found it. So if a Florida based Honeymoon or Destination Wedding is something that you want, let EZTravelpad help guide you there – or wherever else your heart desires. After all, it’s your special day – but it’s not your responsibility to plan it all.

Honeymoon in St Lucia – Anyone?

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A Honeymoon or Destination Wedding at Sandals in St Lucia is Top Pick

A St Lucia Honeymoon, particularly at an all inclusive resort such as one of the 3 Sandals resorts located on the north end of St Lucia is one of the most sought after and romantic destinations in the Western Hemisphere.

Honeymoon in st lucia 1
Maybe it’s Oprah’s endorsement or maybe it is just the rare beauty this tropical paradise provides, it could even be that the last episode of The Bachelor was shot there last season, in any case it is real. It is beautiful, it is romantic, and it is in demand. Whether you choose Sandals Grande St Lucian (pictured above), Sandals Regency La Toc, or Sandals Halcyon Beach, you simply can’t go wrong.

If lounging in a tropical paradise – sharing a couples massage on the beach – dining in an over the water seafood restaurant – driving thru a volcano – scuba diving wrecks and reefs – golfing in a tropical paradise – if any of these things sound like what you want your honeymoon experience to include, then perhaps a Sandals luxury included vacation to St Lucia is your ideal Honeymoon spot.


But Sandals is not the only option – there is also The Pitons

So what about these Pitons you keep hearing about? What about the 3 walled suites? Just imagine waking to this in your Honeymoon suite….

honeymoon in st lucia 2

Sure, this is Brad and Angelina stuff, right? Well, it’s not inexpensive. This Jade Mountain suite might run $10,000+ per week- if you can get in (better book it very, very far in advance), but there are other options that afford the same sort of view and the same concept of 1 wall being omitted so that you have an unbelievable view of one of the top 5 places in the world to visit.

The Sandals experience is All inclusive – the 3 walled view of The Pitons experience is generally not all inclusive, but you can combine the 2 as many people do, you can have it all. You can split your honeymoon into a few days of all inclusive fun in the sun + a few days of total relaxation in the most romantic place in the world, and you can get it done from between $5000-8000 total for a week including air from Chicago this September.

How do you plan such a once in a lifetime experience? How can you make sure that your Honeymoon in St Lucia is all you dreamed it can be? How can you coordinate a Destination Wedding to St Lucia, a place so far from home? One way is the best way, consult with a travel professional that specializes in Honeymoons and Destination Weddings, a travel pro like EZTravelpad

Intercontinental Thalasso Resort & Spa – Bora Bora in French Polynesia – A Review

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Intercontinental Thalasso Resort & Spa in Bora Bora is Phenomenal



IC thalasso 1


The Intercontinental Resort & Thalasso Spa is located on a motu (small islet) just off the main island of Bora Bora in The Society Islands of French Polynesia – or in short- The South Pacific. Actually the name of the spa is The Deep Ocean Spa so check out that link….

As the name implies, this resort is all about the spa. From the moment you step foot into the reception area you immediately notice soothing mood music – relaxing – totally. The decor, layout and furnishings are all designed to be in harmony with the spa nature of the resort….

Initially I wondered, what is a Thalasso spa? As they say everyday is a school day, so if YOU don’t know – here goes….

A Thalasso spa specializes in Thalassotherapy (derived from the Greek word ‘thalassa’ which means ‘sea’). The spa uses the beneficial aspects of the marine environment- the climate, sea water, seaweed and algae, mud and sand—all for therapeutic purposes. This spa even uses the seawater for air conditioning!

Sea water is sucked from a depth of 3500 feet (trust me- it’s cool down there) and circulated amongst the buildings on property for cooling purposes. The water is available from this fountain in the spa and guests are encouraged to take a daily sip – maybe 1/2 oz or less for better health. I did, and it’s not bad…


IC thalasso 2


Like nearly every resort in French Polynesia the bulk of the buildings are bungalows. All guest rooms are in bungalows at this Intercontinental resort, as are the massage therapy rooms which are located in the overwater bungalows pictured below.  Guests can enjoy a soothing massage while relaxing as they watch fish swimming in the reef immediately below the massage tables – Clear viewing windows in the floors allow an up close experience and are a fixture of most overwater bungalows in the area, another part of the experience of French Polynesia…


IC thalasso 3


Had a long flight and feeling like your ankles are swollen from the lack of mobility combined with the warmth and humidity of the climate? This may be just the ticket- a Deep Chiller Walk pool. The pool of cool water is approx 25 feet in length and designed to  allow you to walk back and forth in shallow cool water while being pounded by current…nice!

IC thalasso 4


Tying the Knot

Considering French Polynesia as a destination for your wedding? There may exist a more romantic view than this, but if there is I am unaware of it. Imagine exchanging your vows in front of a huge plate glass window featuring Mt Otemanu as a backdrop – and standing on a clear floor with the reefs below….. this is the wedding chapel that dreams are made of.

A memory that will never, ever fade

IC thalasso 5

Yes, I have an inside shot of the view, but trust me- it just doesn’t do it justice. Maybe a more professional photographer can- check this link


So yes, the spa is amazing – the wedding chapel is to die for – but what about the accommodations? How are the bungalows? Are they nice? How are the views? See for youself at their website. Suffice to say that the huge picture windows that are located at the foot of the King-sized beds in the bedrooms of the bungalows will afford a view like no other – provided that you know what to ask for…..


So is the Intercontinental Resort & Thalasso Spa the top resort in Bora Bora? Probably not for everyone. Some might opt for a larger resort – others may choose somewhere a bit more family friendly….but if you are a spa enthusiast who supports Green initiatives and you want to totally relax during your escape in paradise then this may be the best resort for you in all of French Polynesia…..

Can you book it thru some online “discount” source?

Sure- but why would you when the voice of experience is waiting for you – “Your friends….in the travel business” are here to help – Consider EZTravelpad – your source for unbiased advise and best price.

What are the Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations Today?

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Is the most popular choice the right choice for YOU?

With so many choices for Honeymoons these days, how do you know what is the right choice for you?

popular honeymoons 1
is it about the perfect sunset photo shoot on the perfect beach?


Caribbean? – Hawaii? – Mexico? – Florida? – South Pacific? – Europe?

There are many, many possibilities for destinations to choose from when you are thinking about your Honeymoon or Destination Wedding, and there are many factors to consider-

  • How much time can you afford?
  • What do you want to experience?
  • How does budget play into it?
  • Do you need a passport?
  • What about safety?
  • Resort – Tour or Cruise?

EZTravelPad can help you quickly narrow down your choices to the most suitable, and offer you expert advice as to what else you should be thinking about – after all, an expert knows more- right?

So what are the most popular choices for Honeymoons these days?

Well, in my experience the vast majority of couples that I talk to want to experience something unique- something that neither of them have experienced before so that they can make new memories together, and in general it is usually ranked something like this-

  1. Tropical – Romantic – Beach
  2. Cruise
  3. Close to home – a romantic Bed & Breakfast 2-8 hour drive from home
  4. Tour Europe

So let’s look today at #1 – Tropical resort This can mean Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, South Pacific, somewhere even more exotic…

By far – about 80% of EZTravelPad clients choose either Caribbean or Mexico. Many people make their selection based on preconceived ideas about safety – affordability – beauty – status.

Obviously safety is a paramount concern. Nothing is more important to EZTravelPad – and all of our travel partners – than your safety! Many people see negative press about Mexico or specific Caribbean islands and rule them out. I am not here to change anyone’s mind – I am here to help you make the best choice possible given your particular wants, needs and desires. I happen to love Mexico, and the value that it presents to the US traveler, so would urge you to consider it – or if not, then it’s a really big world with plenty of other choices!

Budget & Value-

Sometimes price and value are confused. At EZtravelPad we always strive to acheive the maximum value for our clients. One of the best ways to acheive MAX value is by selecting an all-inclusive resort. Most all-inclusive resorts are located in-

  • Cancun / Riviera Maya area of Mexico
  • Jamaica
  • Dominican Republic

At an all-inclusive resort (and there is a very wide variety ranging from budget to luxury) typically food and beverages plus entertainment and non-motorized water sports are included in the price.

Some resorts – such as Sandals Resorts also include motorized water sports such as water sking & scuba diving- even golf….unlimited! Sandals Resorts are very good and are located in Jamaica, Bahamas, St Lucia and Antigua

Palace Resorts are another great choice. Palace Resorts are located in Dominican Republic and throughout many areas of Mexico. Palace offers $1500 in resort credits that can be used for scuba, tours, spa, romantic dinners, golf & more. This is a great value and allows MAX flexibility & choice!

There are some other great choices as well…

BUT– all-inclusive resorts are not necessarily for everyone. If you are the type that wants to get out and experience the destination to it’s fullest – meet the people – eat the food – live the culture, then an all inclusive resort experience is probably not the best choice. If you are the type who likes fine dining offering tremendous choice and is not afraid to pay for it, then a more “Americanized’ resort may be your best option, and they exist EVERYWHERE.

You may be interested in a destination like Hawaii or South Pacific or Europe where all inclusive resorts simply do not exist – no worries, at EZTravelPad we are completely familiar with all types of EP resorts- from high-rise in Hawaii to private-island in French Polynesia. Consider this- will the OTA (online travel agency such as Expedia, Orbitz, etc) personally email the sales manager at the resort and let them know to expect you – and what to expect from you? Unlikely


So is your Honeymoon or Destination Wedding all about the beach?

popular honeymoons 2

the party?

popular honeymoons 3

the food?

popular honeymoons 4


the tranquility?

popular honeymoons 5

the adventure?

popular honeymoons 6

the spa?

popular honeymoons 7

the service?

popular honeymoons 8

the destination?

popular honeymoons 9

the room?

popular honeymoons 10

How you answer those questions plays a very important role in determining which will be your best choice, and it is very difficult (if not impossible) to make the right choice based on the price and photos you find on the internet.

Adults Only vs Family Friendly

Often times Honeymoon couples want their Honeymoon experience to take place at an adults only resort. There are great options here, and again, Sandals leaps to mind as they are exclusively for adult couples only. Honeymoon couples make up the majority of guests at a Sandals Resort. Sometimes, particularly if a Destination Wedding involves children, then the adults only aspect is not possible. in that case there are still many, many choices- but I want to suggest that a primary concern at that point should be service – you want your most important vacation to go flawlessly and a more service oriented (and often higher end) resort may be the best choice.

How Can You Make The Most Informed Decision?

Here is the best advice you will receive- work with a travel professional….especially a travel pro that specializes in Romance Travel. In most cases the cost will be the same as you would achieve doing things yourself on the internet or going directly to the resort/airline/cruiseline….plus you will most certainly experience a higher grade of service and impartial advice to help you make the best choice.


Experience can mean many things. Is someone who has worked behind a desk for 20+ years your best source for feedback? Is your cousin, who went to Jamaica on her Honeymoon the best source for info? My belief is that experience is best when it’s broad, and part of that broad base of experience is only achieved by getting out and seeing – getting out and experiencing destinations and resort brands first hand – on the ground.

I have personally spent 33 days out of country this year alone- in 5 different countries – 8 different islands – visiting well over 60 different resorts, all in an effort to help my clients make the best choice possible when it comes to THEIR most important vacation. It’s hard work, but it is so rewarding!

At EZTravelPad we work with select wholesale vacation packagers – and directly with resorts to insure that you achieve the best possible value AND service. Work with a travel pro that you trust, that knows the destinations, and that understands what it is that you are trying to experience. At EZTravelPad we like to think of ourselves as “Your friends….in the travel business” – so when it’s time to make your plans make the call or send the email – you’ll be glad that you did.


St Regis Resort in Bora Bora, French Polynesia – a Review

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St Regis – The Name Says it All

There are few brand names in the world that evoke images of  quality, elegance and opulence the way that St Regis does. For over 100 years and since it was opened by one of America’s wealthiest men, John Jacob Astor IV, The St Regis Hotel in New York has been one of the most luxurious hotels in the world.

St Regis became a Sheraton in 1966, then Sheraton was acquired by Starwood in 1998 and it wasn’t long before Starwood began expanding the brand worldwide. One St Regis brand resort – the St Regis Bora Bora in French Polynesia, has an entrance and view that may be familiar – ever see the mediocre flick “Couples Retreat”?

st regis 1

Truly one of the most impressive views in the world as the sun sets over the Island of Bora Bora….

This was the view that Vince Vaughn & company took in as they first arrived at their resort renamed “Eden” in the film.

You may remember some of the other shots in this post since various locations were used in the filming, so if staying in a resort that was used as the backdrop is a bonus for you, this place may be for you.


st regis 2

This private “plunge” pool is a part of the villa where a little known couple recently Honeymooned- I think they said their names were Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman if I remember correctly – perhaps you’ve heard of them?

st regis 3

The private patio pictured above and below are also part of this luxury villa that is available if your pockets are very, very deep….

st regis 4

The St Regis in Bora Bora is one of over a dozen St Regis properties worldwide that stretch from New York to Aspen to Bora Bora to Abu Dhabi and beyond.

After visiting several luxury resorts throughout French Polynesia I have had time to reflect on my thoughts regarding St Regis Bora Bora. Actually my feelings are mixed.

I suppose I think that St Regis Bora Bora has one of the most impressive views in the world, but equally impressive are the Four Seasons and Le Meridien located in close proximity

I also think that the St Regis sported the largest and most luxurious overwater bungalows that I visited (pictured below)

st regis 5

I also am confident that the bathrooms in the overwater bungalows (pictured below) were the most luxurious and offered a view of Mt Otemanu from the tub and shower-

st regis 6


st regis 7


I know that the buffet offered on the night of their Polynesian Show was impressive

st regis 8

I may never again drink from a prettier coconut…

st regis 9

Overall is is difficult to poke holes in a tried and true luxury experience- From the Jean-Georges restaurant on site named Lagoon – to the view – to the grounds – to the bungalows, St Regis exudes luxury and status – yet, I was left a little cold.

Our small group of travel agents were treated like Kings at every other resort we visited throughout French Polynesia. We were wined and dined by the managers at nearly every resort we visited… world-class resorts, some with equally world-class reputations, but not at St Regis. Although we enjoyed the completely engaging company of a lovely associate, upper management was curiously absent. Although we enjoyed a wonderful Polynesian buffet, the Polynesian show was substandard compared to other shows we enjoyed elsewhere.

So is St Regis somewhere I would recommend to a client? Probably

Would St Regis Bora Bora be a good choice for a Destination Wedding? Of course, and they are kid friendly

Would St Regis Bora Bora be a good choice for a Honeymoon or Romantic celebration? Absolutely – the price will keep most families away and it is a completely lovely destination with world-class services and amenities

So my humble advice is this- If value is your motive there are better choices in French Polynesia.

If you want to stay away from the Riff-Raff (as if there were any riff-raff in French Polynesia) then this might be a good choice….until Octomom or The Kardashians decide they need a vacation…..then all bets are OFF

In any case just remember that EZTravelPad is here to help you sort it all out

Le Blanc Spa Resort in Cancun – a Review

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Reviewing Le Blanc Spa Resort (a Palace Resort) in Cancun, Mexico


le blanc 1

Le Blanc Spa Resort is an adults only all-inclusive resort located in the hotel zone of Cancun, Mexico. It is located very close to the middle of the hotel zone actually, but exists a world away from what you would traditionally associate with Cancun all-inclusive resorts that often cater to the Spring Break crowd.



This resort is a far cry from typical and in high demand for Weddings and Honeymoons catering to the sophisticated crowd – urban chic, like something out of South Beach. You almost expect Rico Tubbs (Miami Vice) to walk around the corner at any minute…

The Beach is powdery white sand

le blanc 2

The water is an blue as you dreamed it would be and The infinity pool says it all…

le blanc 3

Guest Rooms

As you would expect, guest rooms are extremely well appointed and are as functional as they are luxurious featuring private balconies to enjoy the outdoors and 2 person in room jacuzzis to enjoy indoor.

le blanc 4

Offering butler service in rooms, concierge service at the pools, Haute Cuisine in 5 a la carte restaurants and superior service at every turn, Le Blanc is very much a luxury oasis in Cancun. Nightly turndown service with petit fours, higher end bath products, pillow top beds that you will never want to leave all combine for a very nice package. See more at their website at this link

Beyond the typical amenities Le Blanc offers unlimited free phone calls back to the US, unlimited internet service, and best of all, $1500 resort credits on a 5-8 night stay (other levels exist for shorter and longer stays) that can be used for spa, room upgrades, wedding packages, swimming with dolphins, tours, golf at Jack Nicklaus Academy of Golf & much more!

So can you tell that I liked it? Can you tell that I can’t wait to go back?

Le Blanc is not for everyone, but if you consider yourself a person of discriminating taste that would prefer to be located close to the action and shopping in Cancun’s Hotel Zone as opposed to further away down along the Riviera Maya then Le Blanc may just be for you when it’s time to celebrate your Anniversary, Honeymoon, Destination Wedding or even just a luxurious retreat

Secrets Maroma Beach – Luxury in the Riviera Maya – a Review

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Secrets Maroma Beach – Adults Only Paradise in Mexico – a Review

Maroma Beach, located about half way between Puerto Morelos and Playa del Carmen, south from Cancun in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is consistently ranked as one of the world’s Top 10 Beaches and for good reason- Clear blue waters, powdery white sands & water sports galore conspire to create a beach lover’s paradise.

One of the highly rated adults-only all-inclusive resorts located along this fine stretch of sand is Secrets Maroma Beach. Secrets is the adults-only brand served up by AMResorts (affiliated with Apple Vacations & sister property to Dreams, Zoetry, Now & Sunscape Resorts).


Secrets Maroma 1

Not every all-inclusive resort offers the same sort of affordable luxury found at Secrets Resorts.

Frequently at all inclusive resorts you find limited selections of restaurants – limited choice in all sorts of food & beverages – limited access to bars and scant choice in restaurants. Spending a week at an all-inclusive resort and feasting at the same boring buffet several days in a row can be a bummer, but with 8 restaurants (most of which are luxurious a la carte options) and 7 bars fully stocked with premium fare you will not feel that your choices are redundant.

It’s not all about food & beverages though – and one of the best features at Secrets Resorts are the suites which generally offer in room jacuzzis, after all – this is a romantic escape for 2, right?

Excellent Spa facilities

Secrets Maroma 2

The spa facilities are great – as is the water sports area, common grounds, pool & more.

This is a fantastic place for a Honeymoon or Destination Wedding (assuming children will not be attending) also – a huge part of their business!

Check out this brief video tour

If there is one knock on the property it is this….  Time-share sales

I have personally encountered guests that were quite annoyed with the aggressiveness of the on-site salespeople, and so it is with some hesitancy that I suggest Secrets as a 1st choice, but if you don’t mind being pestered a bit the product is fantastic

For more info on this and many other resort options in Mexico and throughout the Caribbean get with EZTravelPad – you’ll be glad you did!


Atlantis (the resort – not the lost continent) – a Review

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Atlantis is a Resort Without Compare – Truly Something Different

atlantis 1


All of my life I have been fascinated with the legend of the Lost Continent of Atlantis

  • Did it ever really exist?
  • Where was it?
  • Who lived there?
  • What was their civilization like?
  • What happened?

So to go to an amazing resort like Atlantis on Paradise Island in the Bahamas was not quite as exciting as considering whether a highly advanced civilization once thrived then disappeared, but after experiencing the resort for a while i was truly amazed at what DOES exist in The Bahamas

In 1994 a gentleman named Sol Kerzner purchased a troubled resort from Merv Griffin and began a 4 year process to totally remake the resort into a vision of something that has never been…an expansive resort on Paradise Island in The Bahamas featuring some of the best attractions for families of all ages….a resort featuring a marine environment of over 11 million gallons of water, 50,000 different marine animals featuring over 200 different species….lagoons and water slides and beaches and pools (oh, and a really really big casino!)

Atlantis is spectacular in scale – over 3400 rooms with varying levels of amenities designed to appeal broadly to all sorts of people interested in all sorts of things

  • Swim with dolphins
  • Swim with seals
  • Swim with stingrays
  • Golf
  • Spa
  • Fitness
  • Shop
  • Relax…..or indulge in any of dozens of other diversions….

See more in the video


Accommodations are varied from moderately priced

atlantis 2


to upscale

atlantis 3

atlantis 4


to something befitting previous guests such as Oprah Winfrey or Michael Jackson

atlantis 5


Interested in some R&R – there are many, many choices like the pool near the Coral and Beach Towers

atlantis 6

or this pool and beach area near The Cove

atlantis 7

But so many more choices exist.

Atlantis is not something you can easily plan yourself unless you want to spend hours doing the research to determine your best fit – leave that part to a pro (a pro who will not charge any fees for their advice and expertise), like “Your friends….in the travel business” – EZTravelPad