Bolongo Bay Beach Resort in St Thomas – a Review

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Bolongo Bay Beach Resort in St Thomas, USVI is good choice for All Inclusive Resort

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A large part of my job as a travel consultant/adviser with EZTravelPad revolves around touring, experiencing and understanding a wide variety or resorts to better be able to help people with deciding what their best choices are on their next vacation

Often there is a great deal of similarity between resorts and even between destinations, but sometimes I find something that is unique, and I believe Bolongo Bay Beach Resort in St Thomas to be one of those – a family friendly resort that is not fancy, but delivers on their promise of being a laid-back spot, managed by the owners and it’s definitely the kind of place WHERE EVERYONE KNOWS YOUR NAME!


Bolongo Bay Beach Resort is a family friendly resort located on the island of St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. As such, a passport is not required for US citizens to visit so this is a popular choice for those people wanting to experience an authentically Caribbean island feel without straying too far from the feel of the US. It is significantly more affordable than the other US island destination of Hawaii, which is also very popular for Honeymoons (but Hawaii does not offer all-inclusive resorts)
Couples wanting to enjoy a tropical island without the need of a passport should consider the US Virgin Islands
On the surface the Bolongo Bay Beach Resort is a bit primitive- not fancy or luxurious in the least, but when you scratch the surface and look a little deeper the friendly service and family feel of the resort more than make up for the rather dated accommodations.
Upon entering the resort, honestly, I was a little disheartened with what felt like a motel that hasn’t changed much in the last 40 years – as depicted in this photo of the front desk
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The rooms were very basic, the restaurant and common areas were not grand, and the beach was not vast
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BUT- I had a total change of opinion ofter spending only an hour or so with my resort host Colleen (who quite obviously DOES know everyone’s name)
Sure, Colleen was welcoming and polite and nice, as all resort management always is when hosting a travel agency having a look around – but this went a little deeper. She was more engaged with her staff and more friendly with the guests….and more American (a California transplant to the island many years ago) than most – in short, she sold me on the fact that this place is different – it’s like going to your home…. in the Caribbean!!
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Bolongo Bay Beach Resort may not be fancy – it’s not luxurious – but it is most definitely welcoming and friendly and clean and comfortable, which is not a bad thing!
For so many people comfort and clean and friendly are more inportant than luxury and the “wow” factor, and if this describes you then this might be an excellent choice for your next vacation to the Caribbean
Honeymoon couples staying 7 nights can enjoy inclusions such as
  • a sunset catamaran cruise
  • a catamaran cruise to snorkel with sea turtles
  • a la carte dining including lobster, steaks
  • and much more…


Competitive pricing vs. other resorts in the USVI make this resort with an all-inclusive option a strong contender for those vacationers (especially Honeymooners)  who choose not to acquire a passport and would prefer to saty on “U.S. soil”Some fun things to do include

  • Paddleboarding
  • Windsurfing
  • Scuba lessons
  • Hobie cats
  • Water trikes

Oh – and napping under a palm tree – that’s a fun thing too!!


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There is much more to convey, so when you are ready to decide on your next vacation turn to EZTravelPad where we like to think of ourselves as – “Your friends….in the travel business”

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