Plan Your Honeymoon Early!

For Best Results Plan Early!


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I often see articles suggesting that you should plan to book your Honeymoon 4 to 6 months in advance and often that is fine, but frequently it is far too late!

Depending on the destination you have in mind, and the type of experience you desire, reservations should be confirmed more like 10-11 months in advance

If you are headed to Orlando, FL or Las Vegas, NV for example there are dozens of flights that can get you from where you are to where you want to be at decent rates even 30-60 days in advance, but if you are interested in  something a bit more off the beaten path such as St Lucia or Grenada or Bora Bora then you had better reserve your spots several months previous or be prepared for overnight layovers and significantly higher prices

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The Pitons in St Lucia- view from an open wall suite with in-room infinity pool at Jade Mountain


Additionally, if you are thinking you would like to enjoy something really special such as a swim-up suite or a private plunge pool or even an overwater bungalow then you need to remember that those are the first to be reserved, often more than a year in advance so plan accordingly!
Your best advice is to get with a travel planning specialist at your earliest convenience, as soon as you have your wedding date established,  so that you and your Honeymoon specialist can work through your best alternatives


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