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COVID-19 Pandemic…. Good Excuse for a Destination Wedding?

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Availability to Re-Book Wedding in 2020 is Better at The Beach

One of the less reported but most upsetting aspects of this COVID-19 global pandemic is that so many weddings have been cancelled out of necessity. It’s beyond upsetting to consider how much time and effort so many couples poured into their dream wedding, only to see it undone in no time due to the necessities of social distancing. Just a quick outline reminds us of the work and time invested…..

  • Agreeing on an overall vision
  • Selection of the date
  • Working out the details
  • Contracting vendors
  • Inviting friends & relatives and so much more

And as you know, that’s just the outline of the tip of the iceberg!

If you are one of the very unlucky couples who became the victim of these circumstances then you have probably already begun (or are now considering) the rescheduling process – starting over, nearly from scratch, trying to coordinate schedules with booked-out vendors. It’s heartbreaking, and it’s such a puzzle!

In an additional complication of the calendar – SO MANY people were wanting a 2020 wedding date!

Untold numbers of couples put off what may have been a 2019 wedding in favor of a date ending in 2020. It seemed like a wonderful idea, but then it didn’t.

Since so many couples have booked 2020 weddings, the opportunity to reschedule later in 2020 for those who have had to cancel is greatly diminished, and the backlog for the best vendors is likely to extend deep into 2021 and perhaps beyond.

For some couples, there may exist a solution – and that is a Destination Wedding.

Here are a few reasons why Destination Weddings are so popular-

  1. Destination Weddings are super-easy to plan compared to traditional weddings – most good resorts have excellent weddings departments that specialize in and staff for give couples their “dream day” every day (not just once-a-week or less)
  2. You can combine the wedding and the Honeymoon in an amazing experience at a location in paradise with your loved ones (or just yourselves)
  3. Your wedding (the ceremony part) can be FREE – literally! (and if not entirely free, it can certainly save a ton of $$)
  4. The photo ops are outstanding (and the “trash-the’dress” photo possibilities are SO cool!)
  5. Get married mid-week because, who cares – you’re on vacation!

What Might That Look Like?

Here is a real wedding – at an amazing resort – and it could be a blueprint for your most special day….


A Destination Wedding certainly does not HAVE to be on the beach, but it is a really popular option with unlimited possibilities – just a few of which are…

Switching Gears

Since date availability for the remainder of 2020 is going to be at such a premium, and the backlog for venues (those that survive) will be ridiculous, and the vendor(s) that you fell in love with might not be available when you need them to be, THIS year, more than in the past, might be the year to consider a Destination Wedding as a solution to a problem that you could have never anticipated.

Here’s a possibility if you don’t want to put off the big day for too long (like a year or more) –

  1. Get married in paradise with those willing and able to attend
  2. Enjoy a much needed escape and create a memory to hold forever
  3. Plan a nice after-wedding party with those people not able to attend – and share in the joy that you experienced

It might not be for everyone, but for some couples this may be a really good solution.

This may just be the excuse your needed to have the beach dream wedding you always wanted!

If it’s a solution for you, (or you know a friend that it might work for) then contact “Your friends….in the travel business” who just happen to specialize in this type of trip.

When it comes to Destinations Weddings and Honeymoons EZTravelPad is one of the most recognized and respected travel agencies around.

Find out why by contacting us now at this link



Caribbean Night & Honeymoon Planning

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Sandals Resorts are Caribbean’s Best for Romance


Beaches Resorts are Caribbean’s Best for Families

multi-gen 1

“Your friends….in the travel business at EZTravelPad are presenting a Virtual Sandals Caribbean Night event- Wednesday May 10 at 8pm EST – Here’s the link to sign up now or read on for more info

If you have previously experienced the Sandals or Beaches brands of all-inclusive resorts then you no doubt want to experience them again.

If you are planning a Honeymoon or thinking of a Destination Wedding in the Caribbean then Sandals is a “must see” option – and this Sandals & Beaches Virtual Caribbean Night event is perfect for conveniently learning what you need to know PLUS getting the Best Deal + $250 Bonus Spa Credit & maybe even more…read on!.

If you are overdue for some reconnecting time alone with your spouse – but without the kids – then Sandals is a prefect choice!

If you are more interested in an excellent option WITH the kids (and maybe the grandparents as well) then Beaches is the kids’ top pick (and parents love it too)!

No matter what you have in mind, if you are thinking luxury all-inclusive beach resort in the English speaking Caribbean then Sandals and Beaches are top choices on islands including-

  • Jamaica
  • St Lucia
  • Turks & Caicos
  • Antigua
  • Bahamas
  • Barbados
  • Grenada

Learn what you need to know by attending this webinar style event from the comfort of your own home or office

Ask questions of the pros, listen to other couples’ questions, understand what separates one destination from the next, and how each Sandals or Beaches resort has it’s own look, feel & vibe uniquely different from every other one….and best of all score a bonus spa credit of $250 for attending (and making a qualified reservation) on top of the best Sandals-direct pricing available, and possibly even grabbing a bonus on top of that!

Use this link to register now – do it today while space is available – we won’t be doing another event like this for a few more months and with Sandals Resorts booking early is your best bet!

If you have questions please get in touch with Scott at EZTravelPad (your host for this event)

For Caribbean’s Best Honeymoon Experience

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Learn how we can help you plan the perfect Honeymoon or Destination Wedding at Virtual Sandals Caribbean Night

Sandals Royal Caribbean (2)

Tune in to our live webinar at 8pm EST on Wednesday October 19, 2016 to learn what the Sandals experience is all about during Sandals Virtual Caribbean Night event.

For decades Sandals resorts have been synonymous with romance on some of the Caribbean’s best islands, learn why Sandals luxury included resorts are so often couples’ first choice when thinking about Honeymoons, Destination Weddings & romantic vacation experiences in the Caribbean

EZTravelPad is one of a select group of Certified Sandals Specialist agencies and teams with Sandals Resorts to bring you this unique event and opportunity to learn why Sandals may be your best choice for your next trip to the Caribbean


  • What the Sandals experience is all about and why it’s different
  • Which islands Sandals resorts call home
  • What differentiates each resort with varying inclusions and unique personalities
  • How you can earn an additional $250 spa credit (and maybe even another surprise perk!) simply by attending

This 45-60 minute presentation is offered to you free of charge and from the comfort of your own home – register now by using this link

Ask all the questions you like and learn from others – gain vast knowledge – score a great deal!

The EZTravelPad team hopes that you are able to join us in sharing one of the best resort experiences anywhere and why Sandals might be your best option for the most important trip of your life…YOUR Honeymoon or Destination Wedding!!


The Sandals Vacation Experience – in Video

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Sandals Luxury Included Vacations – Best in Caribbean?

You Decide…(with some help)

If you have been to a Sandals resort in the Caribbean for your Honeymoon – or anniversary – or wedding – or a friend’s wedding – or a friends getaway – then you know what it’s all about. Fun – Romance – Relaxation – Quality – Dining – Drinking – and doing everything you can fit in within a few short days

If you haven’t then this video does a pretty good job of highlighting what it’s all about

As a Sandals Certified Specialist (Gold Level) for several years now I usually run into the the same few questions people have, which are-

Q1 – Is it right for me?

Q2 – Is it worth the money?

Q3 – What about ____? (Q #3 can be about anything you can imagine)


Here are the answers…..

Q1 – it depends on what you are looking for…if you want to take 2 swimming suits and 3 or 4 T-shirts and a pair of flip flops and live on the beach drinking beer for a week then probably not……

BUT if you are interested in

  • Great entertainment
  • Myriad dining options
  • Good quality beverage options (and no, the drinks are not “watered down” although ice does have a tendency to melt quickly under the Caribbean sun)
  • Land sports
  • Water sports
  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Making new friends

and more…..in a nice accommodation in paradise then it sure might be – so consult with your travel pro for their advice


Q2 – Is it worth it? That’s a tough one…..

  • is a Lexus worth it? (a used Kia is way less money and usually will get you where you are going)
  • is an iPhone worth it? (you can still buy a burner phone with prepaid minutes at Walmart and make phone calls until your minutes run out)
  • is a high end steakhouse worth it? (you can get the same nutritional value for much less at Texas Roadhouse)

So why go with the premier brand?

It looks better….it tastes better… it smells better….if feels better….and most importantly, it makes you feel better about yourself!

So why should you cheap out on your vacation? It’s your TIME we are talking about here – life’s most precious commodity so don’t waste it on a substandard experience

Are there other options? Of course – that’s why you should consult with your travel adviser to see if Sandals is the best fit for YOU

Q3 – What about ___? – ask your travel adviser!! That’s what they are for….

Helping you all the way along (not just with the purchase, most anybody CAN do that on their own) – it’s the advice and the guidance and the expertise and the piece of mind that a travel pro gives you that you cannot get on your own…even if you spend your entire life on Tripadvisor

*Disclaimer* I am biased – I think everyone should use a travel pro to help guide them on life’s most important vacations. You might not need a travel agent to help you book a flight from Houston to Salt Lake City for your cousin’s 21st birthday party….but if you are spending a few thousand or more on a luxury vacation to just about anywhere then a travel pro who can make sure you get the best deal possible, add value along the way – and charge $0 fees is kind of a no-brainer

For help on your next big trip reach out to EZTravelPad – pick your pro at this link 

Sandals Caribbean Night & your Honeymoon

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Here’s your chance to learn why Sandals Resorts are the Caribbean’s top choice for Honeymoons and Romance Travel


For decades Sandals Resorts have been the top choice for Honeymoons, Destination Weddings, and other romantic escapes to the Caribbean.

Why? – The answer is simple…they consistently provide a surprisingly affordable luxury resort experience where food, fun and romance are carefully intertwined to create a memorable vacation experience at some the the Caribbean’s top beaches on the best islands.

Every so often EZTravelPad partners with Sandals Resorts to offer a short presentation describing the Sandals Luxury Included experience-

  • What separates Sandals from competitors
  • Descriptions of the myriad inclusions
  • Where Sandals Resorts are located
  • What the Sandals experience is all about
  • and much more…even the potential for a bonus spa credit of up to $250!!

The next presentation is located in the most convenient place that you can imagine….your living room, or kitchen, or office (that’s right – it’s online!).  It’s a fast paced webinar style presentation lasting about 45 minutes that provides a ton of info, and also gives YOU the opportunity to directly ask one of Sandals top representatives any questions you like – it’s a great opportunity to learn and earn!

The presentation will take place on Wednesday March 16 at 8PM Eastern Time

To register for this event simply click this link

You’ll be glad that you did!

We hope to “see” you there then

Reviewing Sandals Barbados

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Sandals Barbados – a Review

Like all Sandals resorts, this property appeals most to adults couples looking for a stress-free luxury Caribbean vacation. Excellent for Anniversary celebrations, Vow Renewals, Destination Weddings and Honeymoons


If you haven’t been to one of the NEW Sandals resorts – or one of the the resorts that they have recently upgraded then you might not understand how much they have stepped up their game. Simply put, this resort is fantastic. From the grounds and layout to the rooms to the general decor to the staff to the cuisine I am having trouble finding fault.

(Note- the photos contained in this post are all my own, so photo quality and staging are not professional but for a fantastic pictorial look professionally put together then check out Sandals Barbados “Flipbook” at this link )

As a Certified Sandals Specialist I feel it is critical to my business and credibility to visit and completely understand not only Sandals resorts – but all resorts that complete in the adults-only all-inclusive genre throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. I have been to, experienced and come to understand each of their great resorts throughout the Caribbean and I can say without hesitation that this is certainly one of, if not THE best in class.


The grounds and layout – are terrific. It feels great to walk the gardens between the lobby, bars, spa, various room blocks, restaurants & beach.



The quiet pool has a chic and luxurious feel with red & white striped cabanas.



The active pool at the beachfront includes a swim-up bar, ample and comfortable lounge chairs and plenty of floats to chill in the pool as you move to the groove of the music and vibe – or have fun and get some exercise playing pool volleyball



The lagoon pool is totally chill and open to all guests but mostly for the use of the Club Level and Butler Level guests with swim-up suites surrounding the meandering pool

As I sit at the poolside bar writing this review I am struck by the gorgeous view past the pool and beach to the blue ocean just beyond


steak lovers will appreciate this supper club with classic decor and a great vibe


at night the pub is one of the centers for socializing

Dining options are plentiful with reservations required at both Kimonos Teppanyaki Grill and  the widely acclaimed Butch’s Chophouse but other good specialty dining options which do not require reservations include

  • Portofinos’ (Italian)
  • Bombay (Indian)
  • Schooner’s (Seafood)
  • Soy (Sushi)
  • Bayside (International)
  • Merry Monkey (British Pub)
  • Mariner’s Grill (Seaside Grill)
  • Dino’s (Pizzeria)
  • Cafe du Paris (Pastries, Coffee and Ice Cream)

Oh yes – and there are several bars serving top shelf international liquors and wines


a glass window between the shower and main room space can be closed off by the sliding photo - a great feature!

a glass window between the shower and main room space can be closed off by the sliding photo – a great feature!

This is where the real improvements are taking place. Even the entry level rooms all feature comfortable 4 poster king sized beds, coffee maker featuring Blue Mountain coffee, patios or balconies and all the normal equipment but the decor and styling are a huge cut above both the competition and many of their own sister resorts. Features like no-slip showers and very comfortable lounging space – super-quiet and efficient A/C, Smart TV, Complimentary WiFi (that works pretty well) and many more subtle styling features

  • Upgraded suites feature a wide range of enhancements such as
  • Beachside & Oceanviews
  • Swim-up Suites
  • Tranquility Soaking Tubs on Balconies & Patios
  • 1 Bedroom Suites
  • and of course many of the rooms & suites come standard with the legendary Sandals Butler Service
butlers prepare your cabanas with towels and coolers with your favorite beverages

butlers prepare your cabanas with towels and coolers with your favorite beverages

Butler level guests will often reserve space in the terrific cabanas which are first-come first-served

The Playmakers entertainment staff keeps everybody engaged if they want to be, but are not in your face over loudspeakers every 10 minutes so everyone can enjoy the fun…or not, depending on their inclination

Location –

The location is terrific as well with a prime location  on the Maxwell coast only about 15 minutes from the airport and easy and safe walking distance (about 10-15 minutes) to several of the local restaurants, bars & clubs in St Lawrence Gap or a short taxi ride to Oistin’s Fish Fry (a must visit on Fridays) or Bridgetown for shopping & more. Streets are lively at night but as clean and safe as anywhere

Clientele tends to be slightly more British and skews a bit older than many other lower priced options but plenty of young Americans are still actively enjoying their

Keeping it real….at the time of my recent visit the beach was undergoing some reconstruction – a breakwater was being installed in an effort to improve water conditions and will be completed in late October. The beach would have been a weak spot for many but every other aspect of the resort was fantastic!

For much more info reach out to Scott or one of the other EZTravelPad consultants who are especially skilled at making sure that your vacation is as AWESOME as you dream for it to be (and maybe even a little more)

Considering a Destination Wedding in Paradise?

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Destination Weddings in Caribbean + Sandals = Awesome!

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of great options for a Destination Wedding on the beach – in the US, in the Caribbean, Mexico and beyond

If the Caribbean is your style, then the clear leader is Sandals resorts – see part of the reason why in this quick video


See much, much more on Sandals wedding program and the various resorts here

When it’s time for you to sort out the details of your beachside fairytale look for help with a travel agency specializing in Romance Travel, Honeymoons & Destination Weddings

Look to EZTravelPad “Your friends….in the travel business” for expert help and guidance – all complimentary (no fees)!

Need reassurance? Check out reviews at The Knot and WeddingWire