Vahine Private Island in French Polynesia – a Review

Vahine Private Island Resort is Paradise in French Polynesia

Have you ever dreamed of living on your own private island – away from everything and everybody?

Well you can almost accomplish just that at Vahine Private Island Resort – named by Conde Nast Traveler as one of the world’s Top 25 Escapes, and with good reason.

To get there from say…Chicago would go a little like this- Flight to L.A. Change airlines and take Air Tahiti Nui to Papeete, Tahiti. Change airlines again (may require an overnight in Tahiti) to fly to Raiatea to catch a boat transfer to the small island of Vahine -about a 30 minute boat trip from Raiatea past Tahaa to Vahine.

Alternately, you could fly from Tahiti to Bora Bora & catch a private helicopter to Vahine from Bora Bora


Vahine 1

arriving by boat you can expect to be greeted by Sophie (or another representative) who may be waiting with a cool fruit cocktail beverage and refreshing towel. I found the entire staff to be completely charming.

As the name suggests, this island is very private. There are a total of 9 guest bungalows so you and your travel partner will comprise more than 10% of the total number of guests on the entire island!

Finding a solitary place to relax is no problem….

Vahine 2


As you can see below, the chef and his staff do not have state-of-the-art culinary equipment to prepare our lunch, but often times excellent and low-tech are a good fit and I can assure you that our dining experience was excellent

Vahine 3


Simple- grilled meats and seafoods, ceviche, fruits – all extremely fresh and prepared to perfection.

Vahine 4


Sometimes the food at a restaurant is excellent, but the ambiance is sub-standard. Not this time…as you can see in the background, this restaurant has a killer view of Taha’a and is completely open air and just steps from the beach

Vahine 5


So the place is beautiful, small, private with a top-notch staff and excellent food – but how are the rooms you may ask? Well this should give you a sense……….

Below is a deluxe beach bungalow as viewed from the exterior – charming!

Vahine 6

The deluxe beach bungalow is a bit larger than the standard beach bungalow. In both cases the bungalows are located on the water (as opposed to over the water)

There are 3 standard, 3 deluxe, and 3 over water bungalows, so the choices are not overwhelming….but the authentic Polynesian construction and decor are. Simply Irresistible

Vahine 7


The 3 Overwater bungalows located out in the lagoon that separates Vahine from Taha’a actually have a view of the island of Bora Bora in the distance – one of the best views in all of French Polynesia

Vahine 8

So this is supposed to be a review- right?

Ok then, enough with the niceties….

How’s the pool? – There isn’t one

Is the ice machine close to the room?  Nope

Are you close to any “Hot” nightspots?  Absolutely not…..

Is the lounge a good place to go dancing at night?  Not really

Is there a better place to escape from it all for a few days and become one with nature in paradise? Maybe not….

Is there a better place for a Destination Wedding? Well, there certainly aren’t many other places that are this quaint and allow you to rent the entire resort! Even if you are not exchanging your vows on Vahine it would certainly be a wonderful place for part of your Honeymoon….

Vahine 9

This is French Polynesia. This is about sleeping until you wake up (around dawn) then enjoying the day to it’s fullest – snorkeling, swimming, windsurfing, kayaking, paying a board game with your mate – or reading a book in the quiet solitude of the South Pacific

Then of course there are other activities that might cost a few $$ – activities such as

  • Visit to a Pearl Farm or a Vanilla Farm
  • Get a massage
  • Tour neighboring islands
  • Scuba diving
  • Deep Sea Fishing
  • and more…

The best way for many to experience French Polynesia is to spend a few days at 2 or 3 different islands. Spend some time on Tahiti and Bora Bora or Moorea – and spend some time at a place that is totally removed from the rest of the world…..

For more info contact someone who has been there and can offer the best advice available – EZTravelpad is here to help every step of the way!




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