Intercontinental Thalasso Resort & Spa – Bora Bora in French Polynesia – A Review

Intercontinental Thalasso Resort & Spa in Bora Bora is Phenomenal



IC thalasso 1


The Intercontinental Resort & Thalasso Spa is located on a motu (small islet) just off the main island of Bora Bora in The Society Islands of French Polynesia – or in short- The South Pacific. Actually the name of the spa is The Deep Ocean Spa so check out that link….

As the name implies, this resort is all about the spa. From the moment you step foot into the reception area you immediately notice soothing mood music – relaxing – totally. The decor, layout and furnishings are all designed to be in harmony with the spa nature of the resort….

Initially I wondered, what is a Thalasso spa? As they say everyday is a school day, so if YOU don’t know – here goes….

A Thalasso spa specializes in Thalassotherapy (derived from the Greek word ‘thalassa’ which means ‘sea’). The spa uses the beneficial aspects of the marine environment- the climate, sea water, seaweed and algae, mud and sand—all for therapeutic purposes. This spa even uses the seawater for air conditioning!

Sea water is sucked from a depth of 3500 feet (trust me- it’s cool down there) and circulated amongst the buildings on property for cooling purposes. The water is available from this fountain in the spa and guests are encouraged to take a daily sip – maybe 1/2 oz or less for better health. I did, and it’s not bad…


IC thalasso 2


Like nearly every resort in French Polynesia the bulk of the buildings are bungalows. All guest rooms are in bungalows at this Intercontinental resort, as are the massage therapy rooms which are located in the overwater bungalows pictured below.  Guests can enjoy a soothing massage while relaxing as they watch fish swimming in the reef immediately below the massage tables – Clear viewing windows in the floors allow an up close experience and are a fixture of most overwater bungalows in the area, another part of the experience of French Polynesia…


IC thalasso 3


Had a long flight and feeling like your ankles are swollen from the lack of mobility combined with the warmth and humidity of the climate? This may be just the ticket- a Deep Chiller Walk pool. The pool of cool water is approx 25 feet in length and designed to  allow you to walk back and forth in shallow cool water while being pounded by current…nice!

IC thalasso 4


Tying the Knot

Considering French Polynesia as a destination for your wedding? There may exist a more romantic view than this, but if there is I am unaware of it. Imagine exchanging your vows in front of a huge plate glass window featuring Mt Otemanu as a backdrop – and standing on a clear floor with the reefs below….. this is the wedding chapel that dreams are made of.

A memory that will never, ever fade

IC thalasso 5

Yes, I have an inside shot of the view, but trust me- it just doesn’t do it justice. Maybe a more professional photographer can- check this link


So yes, the spa is amazing – the wedding chapel is to die for – but what about the accommodations? How are the bungalows? Are they nice? How are the views? See for youself at their website. Suffice to say that the huge picture windows that are located at the foot of the King-sized beds in the bedrooms of the bungalows will afford a view like no other – provided that you know what to ask for…..


So is the Intercontinental Resort & Thalasso Spa the top resort in Bora Bora? Probably not for everyone. Some might opt for a larger resort – others may choose somewhere a bit more family friendly….but if you are a spa enthusiast who supports Green initiatives and you want to totally relax during your escape in paradise then this may be the best resort for you in all of French Polynesia…..

Can you book it thru some online “discount” source?

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