Beaches Resorts Offers Sesame Street Characters & Tuck-In Service!

Sesame Street Character at Beaches Resorts Work Overtime for YOU



Beaches Resorts is widely acknowledged as the leader in high quality family friendly Caribbean vacations. Why?

  • Quality
  • Consistency
  • Location
  • Repeat Business

But you probably already knew that. You also probably already knew that Beaches Resorts is the family friendly compliment to the Sandals Resorts chain, which offers luxury all-inclusive vacations for adults only (a Honeymoon and Romantic getaway favorite!).

But did you know that when you take the family to Beaches for a family vacation you can arrange for –

  • Photo opps with Sesame Street characters
  • Character breakfasts
  • and perhaps coolest of all- Character Tuck-in Service

How cool would it be? How memorable for your children? How much fun can you have? Think the parents at the PTA meeting or basketball game will get a little envious when they hear about what you did for your children?

Check it out-

Let a Sesame Street® furry friend help make your child’s bedtime wishes come true, even before their head touches the pillow! In a calm, quiet environment, one of five Sesame Street® characters will join in on some relaxing stretches, a bedtime story, and a sweet lullaby before tucking your child in for the evening.

What’s Included

One-Character Tuck-In 

  • One 15-minute session with one character

  • 5″ x 7″ commemorative color photograph

  • One Sesame Street® plush toy per child

Two-Character Tuck-In

  • One 15-minute session with two character

  • Two 5″ x 7″ commemorative color photographs

  • Two Sesame Street® plush toys per child

Characters Available*

  • Elmo

  • Zoe

  • Abby Cadabby

  • Cookie Monster

  • Grover


You spend so much time and effort working your tail off to provide for your family, but what do you really provide? Sure- food and shelter – security – a new bike maybe – a new Wii and Game cube and Play station and …….

This year think about providing your kids with a memory they will never forget – and that they will love you for forever, then let them play on their friend’s Wii…..

At least that’s how I see it-

So when it’s time to arrange something for youself and your family (or just for yourself) – get with  EZTravelpad “Your friends….in the travel business”

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