European River Cruises – Near the Top of Your Bucket List?

By January 7, 2016Cruise, Europe

European River Cruises Offer Europe from a Seldom seen Perspective

You may have never heard of a European River Cruise, or it may be on your bucket list. You may have cruised the Danube or Rhine, or may know someone who has. In any case, if it’s not yet on your radar, it soon will be. As U.S. Baby Boomers see their portfolios recover from the Great Recession – and enter retirement with an energy and youthful exhuberance not seen before – with a desire to see the world, and the means to make it happen, what is on their bucket list?

As more mature couples fall in love and marry, what are they looking for in a Honeymoon? Beaches and a tropical paradise are great when you are young but at a certain point- for many, the desire for a little something different emerges…

River Cruises Top Bucket List for Many

Check out this short video to give you a sense of what this travel niche offers


3 Ways to See Europe

Esentially there are 3 ways to see Europe

  • Fly in to a city or two and experience them for a few days at a time
  • Tour several countries by a combination of bus and rail
  • Cruise the rivers

Each of these strategies are great- nothing wrong with doing them all- and you know the easiest way to get it done, right?

Contact “Your friends….in the travel business” at EZTravelpad – where if we don’t know the answer there is a good chance we are friends with an expert on the subject, so one call does it all.

Have fun, see the world, enjoy your life starting now- it goes very, very quickly!


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